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November 16, 2018

AS Labs Trenbolone Enanthate Misses Label Claim by a Mile

AS Labs Trenbolone Enanthate Misses Label Claim by a Mile

AS Labs disappoints with extremely weak trenbolone enanthate product

AS Labs Trenbolone Enanthate did not come anywhere close to its label claim of 200 milligrams per milliliter. The product was over 50% underdosed at 96.8 mg/ml according to a recent lab report published by

There is really not anything positive to say about this product. Certainly, it was not completely bogus and consumers who used it would have felt something. But that just does not cut it in today’s internet marketplace where numerous underground laboratories are putting out accurately-dosed products.

AS Labs is not having much success with its trenbolone products

The AS Labs Trenbolone Enathate lab test result is another disappointing result for the UK-based UGL. Its last trenbolone product tested by AnabolicLab did not turn out so well either.

AnabolicLab tested AS Labs Tri-Tren and discovered that it was missing one of its three listed ingredients. The trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate was missing. Furthermore, AS Labs appeared to try and make up for it by increasing the concentration of trenbolone enanthate.

AS Labs products are available at several popular UK-based sources. We can only expect their popularity to decline as the disappointing lab test results increase.

AS Labs Trenbolone Enanthate lab report

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