Former UFC Champion Georges St-Pierre Thinks Snitching on Steroid Users is a Good Thing for UFC

Georges St-Pierre doesn’t think snitching is necessarily wrong in mixed martial arts (MMA). It is more of a “grey zone” according to the former UFC champion. If it’s good enough for the American criminal justice system, then it is good enough for the UFC.

St-Pierre promoted the benefits of snitching as part of a wide range of topics discussed with Shaun Al-Shatti and published on the MMA Fighting website on September 30, 2018.

“So that’s the thing: If you look at the American justice system, the crime system, when they catch one bandit, when they catch someone for a felony, the guy has a chance to reduce his sentence normally if he’s talking,” St-Pierre said. “That’s how the crime system is made in the United States. USADA is from the United States, they’re using the same thing.”

St-Pierre hesitated in calling out Jon “Bones” Jones for purportedly snitching in exchange for a 30-month reduction in his suspension for Oral Turinabol metabolites. But St-Pierre suggested that the end justifies the means. And for St-Pierre, he strongly believes in both giving athletes a second chance and doing whatever it takes to catch steroid users in MMA.

“I believe in second chances. I believe every individual should have a second chance. It’s not black, it’s not white; it’s a grey zone. I just don’t know what to make out of it.

“If it helps the system to get better — I don’t know if there’s that much restrictions or what he did for them, but there’s compromise to be made. But I don’t know. Like I said, it’s a grey zone; it’s not black, it’s not white. My knowledge of Jon Jones’ case is not good enough to make a comment on this, but I think it’s a good solution to go back up the ladder and catch people cheating, catch other people. It’s like the crime [system], the criminal justice [system]. That’s how they do it in the U.S.”

St-Pierre seemingly justifies the use of snitching to fight the war on doping because the United States makes extensive use of snitches in its war on drugs. This is not a very strong defense of snitching.

Of course, St-Pierre is no stranger to controversy. During the same interview with Al-Shatti, St-Pierre claimed steroids don’t improve the strength and conditioning of a talented and skilled athlete. St-Pierre suggested that steroids actually give athletes talent and skills they would otherwise not possess.

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