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POTUS Donald Trump is Using a Bodybuilding Drug That Steroid Users Know Well

Donald Trump's hair and Propecia (finasteride)
– by Darius Postovski

President of the United States Donald Trump is reportedly using a pharmaceutical drug that often accompanies anabolic steroid use by bodybuilders. Finasteride was identified as one of three drugs regularly used by Trump according to his long-time personal physician and gastroenterologist Dr. Harold Bornstein. The degree to which this doctor has violated confidentiality repeatedly is […]

“ICARUS” Documentary Tells Cloak and Dagger Story of Russian Steroid Doctor

Amateur cyclist Bryan Vogel injects testosterone for documentary ICARUS
– by Darius Postovski

“Icarus” is a new movie documentary about the Russian state-sponsored doping program and the mastermind behind it. The documentary has received a lot of critical acclaim with its entry in the U.S. Documentary Comeptition of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. It premiered at the MARC Theatre in Park City, Utah on January 20, 2017. “Icarus” […]