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The Story of a UGL Owner Who Dated a Woman Awaiting Trial on Murder Charges Didn’t End Well

Sarah Posthumus and Mission Laboratories
– by Darius Postovski

Everyone knows that there is a lot of legal risk involved in setting up a clandestine underground laboratory (UGL) to illicitly manufacture and traffic anabolic steroids. You would never want to do anything that would unnecessarily draw the attention of law enforcement. For example, you would think that it goes without saying that it is […]

Former Mr. Olympia Brings Honest Steroid Discussion to “Dorian Yates: Inside the Shadow” Documentary

Dorian Yates - Inside the Shadow
– by Darius Postovski

Six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates is the subject of a new documentary film called “Dorian Yates: Inside the Shadow”. Bodybuilding fans will find the film particularly refreshing thanks in part to Yates honesty about drug use in competitive bodybuilding. Yates has become one of the most honest and outspoken former bodybuilding champions to discuss the […]

POTUS Donald Trump is Using a Bodybuilding Drug That Steroid Users Know Well

Donald Trump's hair and Propecia (finasteride)
– by Darius Postovski

President of the United States Donald Trump is reportedly using a pharmaceutical drug that often accompanies anabolic steroid use by bodybuilders. Finasteride was identified as one of three drugs regularly used by Trump according to his long-time personal physician and gastroenterologist Dr. Harold Bornstein. The degree to which this doctor has violated confidentiality repeatedly is […]