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Witch-Hunt Against Doctors Who Prescribe Steroids is Going Strong in Australia

The difficulties experienced by Australian bodybuilders in obtaining anabolic steroids are legendary. Australian Customs is notorious for its high rate of intercepted steroid packages. The media is busy demonizing steroids in television and print on a regular basis. And the draconian anti-steroid laws in one state call for a 25-year prison sentence for mere steroid […]

30 Bodybuilding Quotes to Motivate You for 2015

A compilation of some advice we’ve gotten over the years to kick you in the ass for 2015: 1 – Derik Farnsworth–“The most important quality you need to cultivate is patience. Nobody makes progress as quickly as they would like to, not even the top pro’s. When you’re just getting started, you really need to […]

Steroids, Big Fat Lies, No Bull Truth!

Six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates was given the nickname “the Shadow” by MD’s Peter McGough in 1986 because his massive physique would cast a shadow over his competitors, and also because Dorian always kept in the shadows he wasn’t like other up-and-coming competitors who would attend every large bodybuilding show to network and schmooze with […]