Brock Lesnar Laughs All the Way to the Bank After One Year Suspension Allows Him to Keep Millions

Brock Lesnar Laughs All the Way to the Bank as He Keeps Millions in One Year Suspension
– by Darius Postovski

Brock Lesnar hired the best attorney that money could buy after he tested positive for the prohibited substance clomiphene last summer. The $2.5 million dollars Lesnar earned from his victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 on July 9, 2016 appeared to be in jeopardy. It was his lawyer’s job to make sure this wasn’t the […]

Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov: Meet the Brilliant Doping Mastermind Behind the Russian State-Sponsored Doping Program

Grigory Rodchenkov and the Duchess cocktail of Anavar, Primobolan and Trenbolone
– by Darius Postovski

Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov has been identified as the mastermind behind the systematic and state-sponsored doping program in Russia according to a recent report by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Of course, WADA neglected to appreciate the brilliant albeit corrupt strategy spearheaded by Rodchenkov to restore Russian athletic prominence on the world stage. Dr. Rodchenkov was […]

Operation Cyber Juice: DEA Special Agent James Hunt Says Steroids are Big, Bad and Scary Drugs

DEA Special Agent in Charge James Hunt
– by Darius Postovski

James Hunt, the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) New York Field Division, has been in the news a lot lately. SAC Hunt lives every day to fight the nation’s never-ending “war on drugs”. The war on drugs is not just about cocaine and heroin and marijuana anymore. […]