Clean Sport Collective: Anti-Steroid Crusaders Create Campaign Inspired by Virginity Pledges and Slut Shaming

Clean Sport Collective: Abstinence-Only Education
– by Darius Postovski

The “Clean Sport Collective” has come up with a brand new approach to thwarting athletes from using anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Actually, it’s not very novel or original at all. It appears to be inspired by Christian-based “abstinence-only” classes. The husband-wife team of Shanna Sparks-Burnette and Kevin Burnette founded the Clean Sport Collective […]

Pro Wrestler Ryback Praises Bodybuilder Jay Cutler as the Role Model Who Inspired Him to Use Steroids and Train Hard in the Gym

Jay Cutler and steroids
– by Darius Postovski

Ryan Reeves, the professional wrestler formerly known as “Ryback” and “The Human Wrecking Ball”, received considerable publicity after he admitted using anabolic steroids in a recent episode of the “Feed Me More Nutrition Podcast: Conversation with The Big Guy”. So it comes as no surprise that Ryback decided to revisit the topic of steroids in […]

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones Really Was Telling the Truth – He Didn’t Intentionally Use Clomid and Letrozole

Jon Jones
– by Darius Postovski

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones really was telling the truth when he denied intentionally using clomiphene and letrozole. The two substances were found during an out-of-competition drug test collected over the past summer. Jones used the same lame excuse that has been used by seemingly every guilty athlete busted for doping. But it looks […]