Alpha Pharma Maintains Sterling Reputation with TestoRapid Results

Alpha Pharma Maintains Sterling Reputation with TestoRapid Results

Alpha Pharma TestoRapid lab test results provide more evidence of good quality control.

Alpha Pharma Healthcare has had a very good reputation on the underground bodybuilding scene for some time. AnabolicLab has been providing more and more objective evidence to support the anecdotal reports of quality products.

TestoRapid was the latest Alpha Pharma product selected for analytical testing by AnabolicLab. AnabolicLab submitted the TestoRapid 1-milliliter ampules to SIMEC AG for analysis.

Alpha Pharma TestoRapid ampules are accurately dosed.

Alpha Pharma TestoRapid listed a concentration of 100 milligrams of testosterone propionate in every 1-milliliter ampule. The lab test results revealed that the ampules were very accurately dosed.

Each TestoRapid ampule contained 104.1 mg/ml testosterone propionate. This placed the dosage accuracy within 5% of the label claim. This was far better than the 20% requirement used by AnabolicLab. And it is even better than Roidvisor’s own preference for products falling within 10% of label claim.

To make a long story short, Alpha Pharma does not disappoint. Its streak of success on AnabolicLab continues.

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