Balkan Pharma Primobolan Multi-Use Vial are Tested by AnabolicLab

Balkan Pharma Primobolan Multi-Use Vial are Tested by AnabolicLab

AnabolicLab has tested both versions of Balkan Pharma Primobol – the ampules and the multidose vials.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals sells Primobol as one-milliliter ampules and as a 10-milliliter multi-use vial. AnabolicLab thought it was a good idea to test both versions of the methenolone enanthate product.

Balkan Pharma Primobol Multi-Use vials reportedly contain 100 milligrams of methenolone enanthate as the active ingredient in every milliliter of injectable solution. AnabolicLab submitted unopened samples to its preferred analytical testing partner SIMEC for testing.

Balkan Pharma Primobol multi-use vials and ampules both pass AnabolicLab.

Balkan Pharma Primobol vials were found to contain 98.1 milligrams of methenolone enanthate per milliliter according to the results of the HPLC-UV analysis performed by SIMEC.

The Primobolan vials were less than 2% away from the product label claims. This compares to approximately 4% variation from the manufacturer’s claims for the ampules.

Of course, both results are excellent. AnabolicLab gives a passing grade to any underground product that is within 20% of label claim. Roidvisor prefers a cutoff of 10% of label claim. The 10% variance is also required by pharmaceutical companies for quality control purposes.

Balkan Pharma Primobol vials lab report PHOTO

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