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Bikini Model Raquel Petit Snitches on Partners to Avoid Prison

Bikini Model Raquel Petit Snitches on Partners to Avoid Prison

Raqel Petit becomes a police informant in order to avoid an 18-month prison sentence.

Australian bikini model Raquel Petit put on her best pouty face and batted her eyes a few times and just like that she got prosecutors to drop 45 charges arising from her involvement in a steroid importation and trafficking syndicate. Well, maybe that and the fact that she snitched on her two business partners.

The 25-year old Petit agreed to become a police informant and help prosecutors put her two co-conspirators in jail. Eden Turkovic and Paul Millan were allegedly in charge of the steroid trafficking organization that operated from July 2015 until November 2016.

Judge Gavan Meredith agreed that Petit’s testimony against Turkvic and Millan was of “substantial value”. Judge Meredith told Petit that he would have sentenced her to 18-months in prison if she had not agreed to testify against her co-conspirators.

Petit’s attorney claimed she was a young and naive woman who made a mistake.

Amie Hancock, the defense attorney who represented Petit, told the judge that her client was a “young, naive women” who apparently fell in with the wrong crowd. Hancock further asserted that Petit received no financial gain from her involvement.

Petit may have been romantically involved with one of her co-conspirators. She reportedly left him and moved to another city approximately 18 months before she was charged with any crimes.

Of course, the “young and naive” Petit has a history of making poor choices with men. Her last boyfriend (Wade Yates-Taui) was a motorcycle gang member involved in a brutal stabbing death.

Petit joined him as he fled prosecution and lived the high life in the southern California. She documented their time on the lam via social media. Petit’s social media postings allowed U.S. Marshal track him down and extradite him to Australia.

When Petit returned to Australia, she found herself drawn to the criminal element once again. This time it was steroid trafficking.

Petit was not directly involved in any aspect of the drug trade. She set up multiple private mail boxes and initiated numerous international MoneyGram and Western Union money transfers at the direction of her co-conspirators.

Petit pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor charges related to the production of an assortment of false identity documents which she used to open the post office boxes under a false name. Petit used her picture along with the name of a former school classmate.

Petit will not be required to spend any time in jail. Judge Meredith sentenced Petit to a 5-year good behavior bond. The terms of her cooperation agreement with prosecutors require that Petit provide ongoing and continuous assistance in its cases against Turkovic and Millan.

Turkovic and Millan are scheduled to stand trial in February 2019.

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