Bodybuilder Ben Harnett Struggled with Cocaine Abuse Before His Suicide

Bodybuilder Ben Harnett Struggled with Cocaine Abuse Before His Suicide

Bodybuilder Ben Harnett died from self-inflicted injuries influenced by anabolic steroids and cocaine according to the coroner.

Ben Harnett, a 37-year old competitive bodybuilder who placed in several local and national NABBA and IBFA contests, died of self-inflicted injuries at his home in Northumberland on February 2, 2019.

A recent inquest determined that anabolic steroid abuse and cocaine abuse influenced his state of mind leading up to his suicide. Harnett was preparing to compete in a bodybuilding show at the time of his death.

The news media highlighted Ben Harnett’s steroid use while downplaying his cocaine abuse.

Local news reports emphasized the role that steroids could have played in his psychological state. However, coroner Eric Armstrong made it clear that cocaine abuse was also a contributing factor.

“[Ben Harnett],while influenced by steroid misuse and cocaine abuse, took his own life by self-inflicted injuries,” according to Armstrong. “Ben was proud of his body but became over-proud and in attempting to make the most of his body, began to use steroids.

“I’m quite sure that steroid taking, combined with the use of cocaine, has been a factor in Ben’s death. I’m satisfied that the wounds were self-inflicted, I’m not satisfied that he committed them with a clear thought process. I believe his mindset was drastically affected.”

Harnett was a popular and well-like personality in his community and the local bodybuilding scene as well as on social media. He was a dedicated bodybuilder with a passion for the pursuit.

Bodybuilding is all I know and will continue to do so till my days are done train hard stay focused and be who you want to be,” was the message Harnett shared on his Instagram account.

Harnett’s death was particularly tragic because he left behind a 5-month old daughter named Gracie. He also left behind a wife of eight months.

Harnett’s parents have established a GoFundMe page to create a trust fund for Gracie’s future at:

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