Bodybuilders Hid Steroid Syringes in Supermarket to Prank Customers

Bodybuilders Hid Steroid Syringes in Supermarket to Prank Customers

The bodybuilders thought it would be funny to prank unsuspecting customers but the police did not think it was harmless fun.

British bodybuilders Matthew Keam and Bradley Scott were sentenced to one year in jail for hiding used syringes in products at the Sainsbury’s supermarket in Aylesford, Kent.

Keam and Scott injected anabolic steroids as part of their bodybuilding regimen. They then took their used syringes to Sainsbury’s as part of a “plain stupid” prank designed to shock customers.

The two men admitted hiding syringes in a variety of Sainsbury’s products including cereal boxes, orange juice boxes, and garlic bread packets. They also hung syringes as decorations on a Christmas tree.

Hiding syringes in food products is a very serious offense.

Sainsbury’s employees and customers were appalled to find the hidden syringes on seven different occasions between July 19, 2018 and December 6, 2018.

Keam and Scott were arrested and charged after police matched DNA samples from the used syringes to them. Kearn and Scott both pleaded guilty to contamination of or interference with goods with intention of causing public harm at Maidstone Crown Court on October 18, 2019.

Kent Police Detective Constable Barrie Prowse told the court that the protection of the public safety and the public food supply is a top priority for law enforcement.

“Whilst the needles repeatedly placed in items were found to be capped, there was clearly potential for serious injury to anyone who may have had the misfortune of finding these items,” Det. Constable Prowse said.

“Both Scott and Keam have shown genuine remorse for their reckless behaviour, however protection of the general public and the safety of any food supply chain are of paramount importance, leaving the courts with little choice but to impose custodial sentences.”

Keam and Scott were unable to offer any real explanation for their actions. They simply thought it would be funny to prank unsuspecting customers. In retrospect, they realized their actions were “plain stupid”.

Keam and Scott insisted they did not target Sainsbury’s in Aylesford. It just happened to be a convenient target on the way home from the Redemption Fitness Maidstone gym where they trained together.

Kearn is a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder who competed in the disabled category. He has cerebral palsy and often relies on a wheelchair to get around. He placed as high as second place in the disabled category at the WABBA Hercules Olympia Bodybuilding contest at the BODYPOWER Expo in Birmingham.

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