Boldenone Product Continues the Positive Trend for ParaPharma

Boldenone Product Continues the Positive Trend for ParaPharma

ParaPharma Boldo 300 does not disappoint in the latest AnabolicLab test.

ParaPharma is one of the newer steroid brands to appear on the black market. It has made a good first impression with early AnabolicLab testing. Its Equipoise product – Boldo 300 – is no exception.

ParaPharma Boldo 300 was advertised as containing 300 milligrams of boldenone undecylenate per milliliter. AnabolicLab put this claim to the test by performing HPLC-UV quantitative dosage testing. AnabolicLab also performs microbiological testing for good measure.

ParaPharma Boldo 300 falls within 10% of the label claim.

The AnabolicLab results revealed that ParaPharma Boldo 300 actually contained 270 mg/ml. This is slightly underdosed at 90% of the label claim.

The ParaPharma Boldo 300 results easily pass AnabolicLab’s testing criteria of 80% to 120% of the label claim. The results also pass the standard of 90% to 110% for major pharmaceutical companies.

ParaPharma is definitely a brand to watch. Its early showing on AnabolicLab has been impressive. It remains to be seen if ParaPharma can consistently produce accurately-dosed products. Time will tell.

ParaPharma Boldo 300 lab report PHOTO

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