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Boston Red Sox Pitcher Steven Wright Tested Positive for GHRP-2

Boston Red Sox Pitcher Steven Wright Tested Positive for GHRP-2

The Red Sox pitcher had hoped to make a comeback after undergoing knee surgery last fall.

Steven Wright, a professional baseball pitcher for the Major League Baseball (MLB) Boston Red Sox, has tested positive for the banned growth hormone releasing peptide known as GHRP-2 during the recent off-season.

The MLB Office of the Commissioner of Baseball suspended Wright for 80 games for violating the MLB Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. Wright will be ineligible to play until June 24, 2019. He will also forfeit his salary until then.

Steven Wright says ‘sometimes things get into your system’.

Wright strongly denied using GHRP-2 or any other banned performance-enhancing drug (PED). Unfortunately, Wright was unable to provide any explanation as to why or how GHRP-2 ended up in his body.

“It’s unfortunate,” Wright said. “I never thought it would come down to this, but I respect the Joint Drug Treatment Program, and unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out how this particular substance got into my system.”

Wright accepted the fact that drug testers found GHRP-2 in his urine sample. However, he insisted that he never intentionally or knowingly used any prohibited substance. The best explanation that he could offer was that “sometimes things get into your system”.

The 34-year old pitcher had been struggling with knee problems for some time.

Wright underwent left knee cartilage restoration surgery on May 4, 2017. Following another knee injury, Wright received PRP injections on July 2, 2018. After continuing to experience knee problems, Wright underwent left knee arthroscopic surgery and debridement on November 13, 2018.

Wright spent the most recent off-season focused on rehabilitation. Many people would understand the temptation of an aging pitcher to use a drug that would facilitate his recovery and rehabilitation.

Wright’s playing days could very well be numbered. Wright’s health and durability are not the only problems that have concerned the Red Sox management.

The Red Sox went without Wright last year when he was suspended for 15 games after violating the MLB’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy.

Wright was arrested and charged with the domestic assault of his wife in an incident that took place at his suburban Nashville home on December 8, 2017. Prosecutors later decided to “retire” the case after Wright agreed to complete an anger management class and avoid violent contact with his wife.


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