Buying Anabolic Steroids at the Coventry Indoor Market

Sirfaraz Hussain officially sold legal protein powder supplements and sports equipment but he also sold some special supplements under-the-counter.

Sirfaraz Hussain was given a 16-week suspended prison sentence for the possession of anabolic steroids with intent to supply by Warwick Crown Court Recorder Christopher Tickle in January 2017. Two years later, Hussain has also been ordered to repay £68,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Warwick Crown Court Recorder Christopher Tickle determined that Hussain earned £70,873 from selling anabolic steroids from a stall at the Coventry Indoor Market. However, the court recognized that Hussain’s total assets amounted to only £68,575. And the Court wants it all.

The United Kingdom wants ALL of Hussain’s assets.

Hussain’s assets included the equity in his Sparkhill residence as well as his Audi car. Hussain may be forced to sell his home and car in order to satisfy the court’s repayment requirements.

The 39-year old has three months to liquidate his assets and/or find another way to pay the court. If Hussain is unable to make payment, he could face up to one year in prsino (and still owe the money).

The news comes over 3-1/2 years after Hussain was busted at the Coventry Indoor Market in January 2016. Police seized 16 packets of pills from his stall. The packets contained a total of 520 tablets.

Police submitted the tablets for laboratory analysis. The laboratory test results were available in August 2016. The tablets tested positive for the presence of various anabolic steroids. Mobile phones seized by police also revealed significant evidence of steroid trafficking.

John Edwards, the defense barrier for Hussain, did his best to explain the patterns of steroid use by bodybuilders to the judge. The amount of seized steroids really wasn’t as much as it appeared to be according to Edwards.

“The amount of steroids can be a little misleading, because these drugs are consumed in vast quantities by those who do body-building and the like,” Edwards said. “A box of ten of these drugs lasts just over a week, and they are readily available on the internet.”

Hussain was arrested in August 2016. He pleaded guilty to steroid trafficking in January 2017. He was finally order to turn over £68,575 as proceeds of the crime in October 2019.

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