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Colby Covington Says He Could Be Better Than Jon Jones if Allowed to Use Steroids

Colby Covington Says He Could Be Better Than Jon Jones if Allowed to Use Steroids

Colby Covington wants everyone to believe that anabolic steroids are the only difference between someone like Jon Jones and someone like him.

Colby Covington, the former Interim UFC Welterweight Champion, wants to win titles in three or four weight classes in Ultimate Fight Championships. The 170-pound Covington even says he could win the light-heavyweight division against current champion Jon Jones – provided that he were allowed to use anabolic steroids too.

“You let me do some steroids, 100 percent I can go up to 205 and beat up Jonny Picograms,” Covington said in an interview with Helen Yee of the Las Vegas Sports Network on April 26, 2019.

Covington, donning his ‘Make American Great Again’ cap, referred to Jones as “Jonny Picograms” due to the trace quantities of long-term Oral Turinabol steroid metabolites that have repeatedly been found in Jones’ urine samples over the past nine months.

Colby Covington seems to think that being as good as Jon Jones is as easy as taking steroids.

Unfortunately, Covington’s misconception about the way steroids work is not much different from the way most fans see steroids. Fans often falsely believe that steroids are a magic potion with the ability to transform any moderately talented mixed martial athlete into one of the ‘greatest of all time’.

Colby Covington and Jon Jones were once best friends and roommates living in Iowa. They were both on the Iowa Central Community College Triton wrestling team between 2006 and 2007.

The two men had a falling out over steroids according to Covington.

Covington allegedly observed Jones using anabolic steroids in college. Covington also claimed Jones suffered from ‘roid rage’. Jones would boss Covington around and order him to ‘do the dishes’. Covington did not care too much for this.

Covington reminded everyone that the ‘Bones’ nickname was given to Jones due to his difficulty in gaining bodyweight. Covington said the only way Jones was able to compete in the 197 weight class at the 2007 National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) was thanks to his use of steroids.

Similarly, Covington says steroids are also the only way he would be able to gain weight and compete in the 197 weight class. Beting Jones would be easy after overcoming that obstacle,

“Get me on some steroids!” Covington exclaimed.

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