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Cop Dismissed After Physique Transformation Resulted in Steroid Suspicions

Cop Dismissed After Physique Transformation Resulted in Steroid Suspicions

Police Constable Lewis Jackson was dismissed after fellow cop accused him of using steroids based on before and pictures posted on social media.

Lincolnshire Police Constable Lewis Jackson religiously went to the gym, trained hard and followed a muscle-building nutrition program. He made considerable progress over time. And like many bodybuilders, he wanted to share his physique transformation with his friends and family on Facebook.

Some of his colleagues on the Lincolnshire Police force probably followed his transformation on Facebook. Many of them likely congratulated him on his progress. But some of them did not.

At least one cop observed Lewis’ physique transformation and suspected he had used steroids to help him achieve his goals. The Facebook photographs “seemed to indicate a disparity in his early and current physique”.

The cop had no evidence to support his suspicions other than the before and after photos he saw on Facebook. Nonetheless, he felt compelled to share his suspicions with the chief inspector. Perhaps the colleague was jealous. We may never know the reasons for the betrayal.

PC Jackson refused to comply with request to provide a urine sample for steroid testing.

The Lincolnshire Police chief inspector ordered Jackson to submit a urine sample for drug testing on October 8, 2018.

Jackson refused.

And then he resigned the very next day.

As a matter of policy, a disciplinary hearing was called in spite of Jackson’s resignation on November 22, 2018. Jackson did not attend. But Jackson was still represented by Inspector John Hassell of the Lincolnshire Police Federation.

Hassell testified that Jackson was never really accept in the department after he transferred from the Metropolitan Police last year. The work environment was hostile with many colleagues making snide remarks. Jackson knew it was only a matter of time before some of the other cops would turn on him and target him for something like this.

For the record, Jackson denied using anabolic steroids and maintained that his physique transformation was the result of hard work and proper nutrition.

Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable Bill Skelly ruled that Jackson’s refusal to submit a sample for drug testing amounted to “gross misconduct” and was “inconsistent with [the actions] of a warranted officer”.

The ruling provided the basis for Jackson’s formal dismissal from the police force.

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