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When Your Local Cops Are Steroid Dealers, Part 4 – The West Yorkshire Police Department

When Your Local Cops Are Steroid Dealers, Part 4 – The West Yorkshire Police Department

The news has been full of stories of corrupt American law enforcement officers who moonlighted as illicit steroid dealers. But dirty cops selling steroids is by no means a phenomena restricted to the United States. One of the most egregious example of the abuse of power by a steroid-dealing police officer can be seen in the case of Detective Constable Nicholas McFadden of the West Yorkshire Police Department in England.

Newton Police Sgt. Steven Santucci, Philadelphia Police Detective Keith Gidelson and Arlington Police Officer Thomas Kantzos all clearly made bad choices in their descent into the criminal underworld of anabolic steroids. But none of them slid down that slippery slope faster or further than Det. Constable McFadden. McFadden made one bad decision after another and didn’t know when to stop.

McFadden and Santucci would likely have gotten along very well. They both thought they could hide behind the protection of the badge and operate above the law. They both loved the finer things in life. However, instead of spending his money on things like African safaris and celebrity cruises like Santucci, McFadden spent his illicit drug proceeds on designer clothing and high-end artwork for himself as well as lavishing the women in his life with first-class trips to exotic holiday locales, expensive gifts, fancy cars and free-spending shopping sprees.

McFadden share a “champagne lifestyle” with his wife who incredulously told the court that she had no idea her husband was a corrupt cop selling drugs. She thought all the extra money was from overtime pay courtesy of the West Yorkshire Police Department. The wife didn’t ask questions when they traveled first class to Egypt or when she was afforded an £11,000 ($17,200 USD) shopping spree at Harvey Nichols and a £2,000 ($3,100 USD) spree at Vivienne Westwood.

McFadden also showered his mistress with expensive gifts before and after his wife became pregnant and gave birth to their daughter. He bough his mistress a brand new Audi A4 and on one occasion gave her £10,000 ($15,600 USD)  in cash.

McFadden tried to explain his slide into a life of crime as motivated by the desire to obtain additional income in anticipation of the birth of his daughter in January 2008. McFadden tried to suggest this was the reason he went from selling protein powders to selling anabolic steroids to selling cocaine.

In 2007, McFadden made a few hundred extra pounds per month when he started selling dietary supplements such as protein powder to supplement his income while he was a cop. But this wasn’t enough.

McFadden, who as a recreational bodybuilder had experience using anabolic steroids, decided that he could make even more money if he started dealing oral and injectable steroids as well. And he was not mistaken. By the end of 2010, his steroid business was raking in the big bucks with orders ranging from £500 to £10,000.

Sadly, even this was not enough. As a constable for the Organise Crime Group in West Yorkshire, McFadden had access to over £1 million of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and amphetamines that had been seized by police in three major drug busts and stored in the evidence room. The seized drugs had been slated for destruction. However, McFadden conspired with his brother to steal the drug stash before it could be destroyed.
McFadden pocketed over £1.1 million ($1.7 million USD) in drug proceeds during his run. The champagne lifestyle must have been sweet while it lasted. But all good things come to an end for corrupt cops.

McFadden was convicted of three counts of theft, two counts of conspiracy to supply class A drugs heroin and cocaine and one of conspiracy to supply class B drug cannabis. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Judge Tom Bayliss justified the harsh sentence by pointing out the importance of maintaining the integrity of law enforcement.

“We as a community are entitled to expect the very highest standards from our police officers,” Bayliss said. “Without that ability to trust our police, society cannot function properly. You undermined that trust. Your motive was simple greed.”

West Yorkshire Police Detective Chief Inspector Nick Wallen summed up the feelings of the entire department when he showed no sympathy for McFadden’s fate.

“Some police officers, Nicholas McFadden’s former colleagues, had risked their lives to take drugs off the streets and he, along with his brother, was putting them back there,” Wallen said. “He has betrayed his friends and his former colleagues.”

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