October 20, 2017

Dave Palumbo Says Triple H Would Love to Use Large Dosages of Anabolic Steroids

Dave Palumbo Says Triple H Would Love to Use Large Dosages of Anabolic Steroids

RxMuscle owner Dave Palumbo alleged that WWE star Paul “Triple H” Levesque would “love to” use large dosages of anabolic steroids if he was permitted to do so. Palumbo made the comments during an interview published on “The Matt Riviera Show” podcast on October 13, 2017

Palumbo told Riviera that the WWE Talent Wellness Program effectively prevented pro wrestlers such as Triple H from using “large dosages” of steroids. However, Palumbo claimed that the WWE Wellness policy didn’t stop pro wrestlers from using modest amounts of testosterone and human growth hormone (hGH).

The secret to getting away with steroid use involved visiting a “WWE-accredited endocrinologists” and obtaining a diagnosis of hypogonadism. The pro wrestlers would receive a prescription for small dosages of testosterone, hCG and hGH as “hormone replacement therapy” or HRT. They could then receive a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) from the WWE.

“The good thing about wrestling is it’s not a professional sport per se, more entertainment, they are allowed to take hormone replacement. So they can go to HRT places, they can get testosterone, you know, 100 milligrams a week, whatever they prescribe nowadays, umm, they can get hCG, they can do, you know, hGH if they want. Those are acceptable, you know, and a lot of the wrestlers do do it, y’know, it’s not for me to say who’s using what, but they’re very minimal doses.”

Palumbo seemed to imply that Triple H was using testosterone and hGH following this strategy although it was not clear. Palumbo’s straight talk about HRT created a minor (and totally unnecessary) controversy among some pro wrestling writers.

In response to the controversy, WWE was forced to release a statement. Interestingly, the statement essentially confirmed what Palumbo said. That is, WWE performers can use banned substances if they qualify for a therapeutic exemption. WWE even admitted “approximately 7% of our contracted talent” has such exemptions to use banned substances.

“WWE’s comprehensive Talent Wellness Policy, which is administered by an independent, third-party, clearly states hGH and hCG are among a long list of banned substances, however, due to certain medical conditions, there are a variety of therapeutic exemptions that account for approximately 7% of our contracted talent.”

Palumbo dubiously insisted that Triple H could easily obtain his physique without the use of large dosages of steroids. All it takes is hard work along with proper diet and supplementation. Palumbo defended Triple H against suspicions of heavy steroid use by arguing that Triple H (and other pro wrestlers) really weren’t that big and muscular. Palumbo called their hypermusuclar physiques an “illusion” created by television cameras. After all, everyone knows the camera adds ten pounds.

“No, they—No! They can’t do it. Believe me, I’m sure [Triple H] would love to do it [use large dosages of steroids], but they can’t do it. So, once again, that’s why diet and supplementation become so important, is how you train… You gotta remember, these guys are not that big. They look big, bigger than life, on TV, because that’s just the way—it’s an illusion. In person, they’re toned, and they have a nice physique, but they’re not, these are not like 300 pound bodybuilders we’re talking about here, guys.”

While Palumbo is widely respected for his honesty, he may not have been telling the truth about Triple H when it comes to the WWE Talent Wellness Program. It turns out that the Program only applies to full-time performers. And Triple H is a part-time performer. The policy simply “does not apply to part-time performers” according to the WWE. (This juicy, no pun intended, fact was revealed by a WWE spokesperson after Brock Lesnar tested positive for the banned post cycle therapy (PCT) drug Clomid before his MMA fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200.)

This means that the WWE has no restrictions of what steroids and bodybuilding drugs that part-time performers like Triple H, Brock Lesnar or Dwayne Johnson can use. So, if Triple H would “love to” use large dosages of anabolic steroids, the WWE Talent Wellness policy certainly does not prevent him from doing so as Palumbo would like you to believe.


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