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Juiced Cop Sold Oxycodone in Fatal Overdose Case

Juiced Cop Sold Oxycodone in Fatal Overdose Case

NYPD veteran cop charged with steroid possession and selling Oxycontin.

Joseph Recca was a 28-year old veteran cop assigned to the 25th Precinct in Harlem by the New York Police Department (NYPD). He has been charged with conspiracy, drug sales, drug possession, unauthorized use of a computer, and official misconduct by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Happauge, New York.

Recca’s alleged involvement came to the attention of police following a fatal overdose involving 28-year old Ryan Bornschein in Copiage on September 3, 2019. The drugs fentanyl, oxycodone and ethanol were found during the toxicology report.

NYPD Internal Affairs investigated Joseph Recca after the mother of the drug overdose victim reported him.

Bornschein’s mother (Jessica Bornschein) was able to obtain her son’s mobile phone after a 5-month battle with the NYPD. She found multiple correspondences between her son and Recca on the phone. The messages clearly indicated that Recca was involved in supplying Bornschein with the drugs.

Jessica Bornschein alerted the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau of her discovery. Internal Affairs began an investigation that included extensive video and electronic surveillance of Recca in June 2020.

Suffolk District Attorney Timothy Sini alleged that Recca operated as a middleman between a main oxycodone supplier (Michael Sosa) and a street-level drug dealer (Michael Corbett). All three men were arrested and charged as part of the conspiracy.

Recca and Sosa trained at the same bodybuilding gym in Long Island. Recca allegedly purchased “hundreds of pills at a time” from Sosa. Recca then redistributed those drugs to Corbett. And Corbett sold those drugs to end-users including Bornschein.

“Further investigation, which was conducted in collaboration with the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau, revealed evidence that Recca allegedly purchases pills containing illicit substances from Sosa, and that Recca then resells the pills to Corbett for distribution,” according to District Attorney Sini. “The investigation involved physical and electronic surveillance as well as court-authorized eavesdropping.”

Recca was arrested on July 21, 2020. A search warrant executed on his residence uncovered a few vials of injectable anabolic steroids that were presumably for his personal use. A search of his personal vehicle resulted in the seizure of 100 oxycodone pills stashed in a secret compartment.

Suffolk County prosecutor Kristin Barnes reported that Recca confessed to acting as a middleman between Sosa and Corbett.

NYPD automatically suspended Recca for 30 days without pay. Recca subsequently resigned on July 23, 2020.

Recca is scheduled to return to court on July 27, 2020.

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