Dragon Pharma Impresses with Trenbolone 100

Dragon Pharma Impresses with Trenbolone 100

Dragon Pharma Trenbolone 100 could not have performed much better on AnabolicLab.

Trenbolone 100 was the third Dragon Pharma product selected for laboratory analysis by AnabolicLab.

The first two Dragon Pharma lab reports published by AnabolicLab were excellent. This created high expectations for future Dragon Pharma products.

The label affixed to the Dragon Pharma Trenbolone 100 multi-use vial listed a dosage of 100 milligrams of trenbolone acetate per milliliter. The actual concentration was 100.2 mg/ml according to an HPLC-UV analysis performed by SIMEC in Switzerland.

Is it too early to call Dragon Pharma one of the better brands on AnabolicLab?

So Dragon Pharma has done extremely well on AnabolicLab. But AnabolicLab has only examined three of the brands products.

Dragon Pharma Masteron 100 contained 110 mg/ml drostanolone propionate versus a label claim of 100 mg/ml.

Dragon Pharma Propionat 100 contained 99.4 mg/ml testosterone propionate versus a label claim of 100 mg/ml.

These are all excellent results. All are within 10% of the label claim for dosage accuracy. And Dragon Pharma products appear to be free of microbiological and heavy metal contamination – at least according to the Trenbolone 100 result.

Dragon Pharma is definitely a brand to keep an eye on. Hopefully, AnabolicLab will continue to test it.

Dragon Pharma Trenbolone 100 lab report PHOTO

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