Former WWE Champion Neville Insists Steroids are Not Behind His Improved Physique

PAC, the pro wrestler formerly known as Neville, strongly denies using anabolic steroids

Benjamin Satterley, the professional wrestler formerly known as “Neville” when he was under contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), has spent a lot of time in the gym lifting weights over the past few months. He recently showed off his amazing progress on social media and was immediately accused of using anabolic steroids.

Satterley did not take kindly to the accusations of steroid use. He lashed out at his accusers on Twitter.

PAC aka Neville is a “Steroid-Free Savage”

“I am a STEROID FREE SAVAGE!” shouted in capital letters on Twitter. “Fuel only by HATE AND VENGEANCE.”

Satterley was long known for his muscular physique in pro wrestling circles. But his physique has been transformed to another level since his departure from WWE. Satterley’s physical appearance could certainly be attributed to “hate and vengeance”. But it is perfectly understandable that some fans would consider anabolic steroids a plausible explanation as well.

Satterley first made a name for himself wrestling under the ring name “PAC” with the International Wrestling Federation, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and Dragon Gate between 2004 and 2012.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) signed Satterley to it developmental territory NXT in 2012. Satterley performed under the new ring name “Adrian Neville” or simply “Neville”. Satterley made his debut on the main WWE roster in 2015. He quickly advanced and became a two-time WWE Cruiserweight champion.

Satterley was released from his WWE employment after a contract dispute. He returned to the Dragon Gate promotion where he currently performs in Japan under his original “PAC” persona.

Satterley participated in the Dragon Gate show in Gifu on October 20, 2018. It was his first appearance in the ring in over one year. For the record, there is no steroid testing in the Dragon Gate promotion. (Steroids were technically banned under the WWE Wellness Policy.)

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