Geneza Pharma GP Test Prop 100 for the Win

Geneza Pharma GP Test Prop 100 for the Win

Geneza Pharma’s testosterone propionate product makes an excellent showing on AnabolicLab.

Geneza Pharma has previously appeared six times on the AnabolicLab website. And it had done very well up until its Masteron product was tested. Geneza Pharma gets another chance at passing AnabolicLab with GP Test Prop 100.

GP Test Prop 100 is Geneza Pharma’s testosterone propionate product. The label promised consumers a dosage concentration of 100 milligrams per milliliter. SIMEC lab analysis revealed that it actually contained 103 mg/ml testosterone propionate.

Geneza Pharma is overdosed more often than not.

We like to see products dosed as accurately as Geneza Pharma’s GP Test Prop 100. What’s not to like about a product that is within 3% of the label claim? This is exactly what we want to see in the underground marketplace.

However, Geneza Pharma seems to intentionally overdose products in the belief that this will make its customers happy. The products usually pass AnabolicLab but they are frequently 10-20% overdosed. And honestly, few customers would ever complain about this.

We are still not sure what happened with Geneza Pharma’s GP Mast 100. It was 68% overdosed. It’s not really a good sign when it comes to quality control. But then again, customers are far less likely to complain about even a severely overdosed product than a marginally underdosed product.

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