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IFBB Pro Nathan De Asha Sold Steroids to Cocaine Dealers

IFBB Pro Nathan De Asha Sold Steroids to Cocaine Dealers

The gym owners were selling cocaine and ecstasy but Nathan De Asha was only providing them with steroids.

IFBB Pro Nathan De Asha gave an all-day seminar and workshop at the couple’s “Pain and Gain Gym” in Barnstaple on May 20, 2017. De Asha agreed to supply gym owners Richard and Georgina Green with a commercial quantity of anabolic steroids in the weeks that followed.

Georgina Green exchanged multiple text messages with De Asha after the seminar. She called De Asha her “darling” and complained about the lack of anabolic steroids in Barnstaple. When De Asha agreed to sell her some steroids, she was so happy that she wrote, “I want to kiss you”.

De Asha mailed a parcel to the Pain and Gain Gym that contained a significant quantity of anabolic steroids. The box had his return address written on it. His fingerprints were all over the contents. It would be this package that would ultimately lead police to the pro bodybuilder.

Nathan De Asha was merely collateral damage in the police investigation of the Pain and Gain Gym owners.

Police initially had no interest in De Asha. They were only interested in suspected drug trafficking by the owners of the Pain and Gain Gym.

The police went hard after Richard and Georgina Green. They executed search warrants on four properties connected to the couple in August 2017. The simultaneous raids included the Pain and Gain Gym, a nearby self-storage unit and Richard Green’s vehicle. The police were not disappointed.

Police investigators found 306 ecstasy (MDMA) tablets in Richard Green’s car. They found 30 grams of cocaine in the storage unit. They found multiple boxes of steroids including the parcel sent by De Asha. In total, police seized steroids worth approximately £10,000.

De Asha, Richard Green and Georgina Green were all charged with possessing Class C anabolic steroids with intent to supply. But only Richard and Georgina were charged with possessing Class A drugs cocaine and ecstasy (MDMA) with intent to supply.

De Asha quickly admitted his role in supplying Class C anabolic steroids to the Pain and Gain Gym. Police never suspected him of having anything to do with selling cocaine and ecstasy. De Asha pleaded guilty on July 19, 2019.

Richard Green pleaded guilty to the steroid trafficking charges as well. But he denied being a cocaine and ecstasy dealer. He insisted that the 306 ecstasy tabs and 30 grams of cocaine were for his own personal use.

Georgina Green denied all three charges i.e. selling steroids, cocaine and ecstasy. She insisted that any incriminating text messages sent by her were dictated to her by her husband.

A jury did not believe the gym owners. The jury decided to convicted Richard and Georgina Green on all counts after a week long trial.

Richard and Georgina Green, and Nathan De Asha are scheduled to appear in court for sentencing in September 2019.

Judge David Evans has warned all three convicted drug dealers to be prepared to go to prison for their misdeeds.

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