Kenneth Brown: 67-Year Old Bodybuilding Champion is Totally Against Steroid Use – Unless Prescribed by Doctor

2018 IFBA World Bodybuilding Champion Ken Brown Against Casual Steroid Use to Build Muscles

Kenneth Brown, a 67-year old retired defense contractor from Liverpool, recently won the Over 60/65 division at an international bodybuilding competition. When a local newspaper asked him about anabolic steroids, Brown insisted that he was not a fan of the “juicehead” culture.

Brown claimed that he was totally against the use of anabolic steroids to build bigger muscles – unless the steroids were prescribed by a medical doctor.

Kenneth brown Ibfa world champion 60/65yrs. Really nailed it in Rome. Beating many former champions!

Gepostet von Martyn Yates Brown am Sonntag, 4. November 2018

“The point of bodybuilding to me is to work hard in the gym and eat clean food. It not about boosting your body up with steroids,” Brown told the Liverpool Echo. “Obviously, if a doctor prescribes a steroid, that is fine. But I do not condone their casual use just to get big muscles. I have always stayed away from the whole ‘juicehead’ scene.”

Steroids are OK if a doctor prescribes them

Brown made a pretty strong anti-steroid declaration. If Brown is using steroids, he probably gets them from a doctor nowadays for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Nonetheless, it seemed like an unnecessarily strong condemnation of steroids especially in a sports well-known for its historic and rampant use of muscle-building drugs.

Perhaps Brown simply wanted to dispel the widespread societal belief that steroids are primarily responsible for bodybuilding and sporting success. Clearly, training and nutrition are the most important factors. Unfortunately, there is widespread ignorance about the role of steroids.

Brown proves that it is not the steroids that are responsible for success. At 67 years of age, Brown’s physique literally looks better than over 98% of the steroid users in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

Brown has been involved in bodybuilding for over 40 years. He competed when he was younger and allegedly avoided the juicehead scene even then.

Brown never stopped training but put bodybuilding competition on hold for decades to pursue his professional career and raise a family.

After retiring a few years ago, Brown recently returned to bodybuilding competition with the International Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (IFBA). He has already picked up a few bodybuilding titles including the IFBA Mr. Liverpool and the IFBA Mr. Great Britain. But none was bigger than the IFBA World Championships.

Brown won the Over 60/65 division at the 2018 IFBA World Finals in Rome on October 28, 2018.

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