September 7, 2018

Kuwait Wants to Put Steroid-Using Athletes in Prison. Bahrain Wants to Execute Them in Some Cases

Kuwait Wants to Put Steroid-Using Athletes in Prison. Bahrain Wants to Execute Them in Some Cases

The country of Kuwait is seeking to criminalize doping in sports. In other words, Kuwait wants to pass legislation that would send amateur and elite athletes to prison if they are caught using anabolic steroids. But why stop there? The neighboring country of Bahrain wants to sentence some steroid users to death.

The current penalty for athletes caught using steroids in Kuwait is a small fine. The Kuwait Anti-Doping Committee (KADC) does not think that fine provides much of a deterrent to steroid use. KADC believes that throwing steroid users in prison will have a much bigger impact.

Dr. Mohammed Al Dosseri, the Orientation and Media Director for the KADC, has been busy lobbying to criminalize doping. He recently made some questionable assertions about steroids during his presentation of an “Anti-Doping in Sports” seminar organized by the Kingdom of Bahrain Olympic Committee’s Sports Medicine Centre in Manama, Bahrain on September 9-11, 2018. The seminar was created as part of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity program.

“Doping first started in 2007 as a trend but has since evolved into a global phenomenon,” Dr. Al Dosseri claimed. “It used to be limited to body-building but has now spread to all sports. Most athletes are now engaged in doping, and I must use this word, stupidly. We need to change the mind-set by changing the ‘trend’ into something ‘criminal’.”

Dr. Al Dosseri claimed that steroids can cause kidney failure, roid rage and permanently suppressed endogenous testosterone production. He even suggested that the use of anabolic steroids could have fatal consequences. According to Dr. Al Dosseri, athletes and bodybuilders are stupid for using steroids because it is like playing “Russian roulette” because the side effects are dangerous and possibly even deadly.

“Using these hormones is like playing Russian Roulette,” according to Al Dosseri. “Injecting these hormones causes the body’s hormone-producing glands to stop producing because of elevated levels. Once you stop the injections there’s a 50 per cent chance that your gland will not function normally again.”

Dr. Al Dosseri asserted that permanent paralysis is also a potential adverse side effect of steroids.

“A case I can’t forget is of a 19-year-old boy who was injected with a new hormone by his coach in the gym bathroom,” claimed Al Dosseri. “He was paralysed on the spot. It’s been four years and there is no treatment; he is now suffering from quadriplegia. It’s disgusting and nonsense; they are turning bathrooms into clinics.

Dr. Al Dosseri’s goal of incarcerating PED users is bad enough. But the most disturbing proposal was introduced by Dr Khalid Al Shaikh, the chairman of the Bahrain Olympic Committee’s Anti-Doping Committee. Dr. Al Shaikh doesn’t think imprisonment goes far enough. He wants Bahrain to execute athletes found guilty of anti-doping rules violations in some cases.

“Our next step is to draft a law criminalising doping because as of now there is no punishment except withdrawing medals and banning athletes,” said Al Shaikh. “We don’t just want to ban these substances; we want to treat them like narcotics by imposing jail time and sometimes death sentences.”

The proposal to throw convicted steroid users (doping violators) in prison is already radical and extreme. A proposal to execute steroid users is bat shit crazy.


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