Larry Wheels: You Must Be Willing to Die if You Want to Use Steroids!

Larry Wheels used scare tactics to discourage fans from using steroids

Larry “Wheels” Williams recently did his best to discourage his fans from using anabolic steroids in a recent YouTube video. Wheels warned viewers that they must be “willing to die” if they want to use the muscle-building drugs.

“Educate yourselves on the risks [of using anabolic steroids],” Wheels said during a YouTube video published on October 31, 2018. “And then realize that if that is something you’re going to do that you need to dedicate your life. You need to be willing to die for it.

Wheels has always been refreshingly honest about his own steroid use. And we get it that he doesn’t want his fans to start using steroids just because he is using steroids. But we are disappointed that Wheels has resorted to unnecessary scare tactics.

No one needs to be “willing to die” if they want to use steroids. Steroids are not that dangerous. Wheels certainly knows that. He has even said as much in previous videos.

“I want to live to see my future wife, my future kids grow up.”

In a since-deleted YouTube video posted in April 2017, Wheels unambiguously rejected any notion that he was willing to die from his use of steroids. To the contrary, Wheels planned his steroid use so that he could still “live a healthy, decently long life” in which he got married, had children and was around to watch them grow up.

“I want to live to see my future wife, my future kids grow up,” Wheels said. “I want to live a healthy decently long life. I want to be in this sport as long as I possibly can. And I’m in no rush to finish this marathon of lifting.”

Wheels admitted that he was once reckless and irresponsible with his steroid use several years ago. He described steroid cycles in which he used multiple liver toxic drugs all at once. For example, he would use Superdrol clones, Dianabol, Oral Turinabol together with 1200 milligrams per week of testosterone in 16-week steroid cycles.

Wheels certainly isn’t willing to die to use steroids. Why should anyone else?


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