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“Love Island” Contestant Felt Pressured to Use Steroids

“Love Island” Contestant Felt Pressured to Use Steroids

Tom Powell claimed his appearance on the reality television show led him to use anabolic steroids.

Tom Powell, a Welsh fitness model who appeared on the 2016 ITV2 series “Love Island”, has blamed his decision to use anabolic steroids on the pressure he experienced as a contestant on the British reality dating show.

Powell believes that the entire genre of reality dating shows, like ‘Love Island’ and ‘Ex on the Beach’, are responsible for the increased use of anabolic steroids in the United Kingdom. Young men watch these shows and feel they need to use steroids to compete in the dating marketplace.

The reality dating shows typically feature several highly attractive, athletic and muscular men hooking up equally-attracting young women.

Using steroids to obtain a ‘Love Island’ hot body.

For example, ‘Ex on the Beach’ was promoted by MTV as a hook-up show featuring “eight smoking hot single guys and girls arrive in paradise for a dream holiday of sun, sea, sex and good times”.

“Everyone that’s been on ‘Ex On The Beach’ or all these different reality TV shows, they’re all in very good shape. I’ve got to be on the same level as them, if not better.”

Powell flatly denied using anabolic steroids prior to his ‘Love Island’ appearance. He blamed ‘Love Island’ for convincing him to use steroids.

Powell was competing with several other equally muscular men on ‘Love Island’. And he knew that a nationwide audience was judging him on his physical appearance. This was too much pressure for Powell.

“The added pressure of people constantly, constantly judging you,” Powell said. “With thousands of people watching me every single day, it just gets to you.”

Powell refrained from using anabolic steroids during his appearance on “Love Island”. He even stayed away from the muscle-building drugs for months afterward.

But six months later, Powell concluded that steroids were the only way to help him compete with other reality fitness stars and make his mark in the fitness industry.


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