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Micro-Wrestler Arrested on Steroid Charges Following Competition

Micro-Wrestler Arrested on Steroid Charges Following Competition

It may not be World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but little people in the Micro-Wrestling Federation (MWF) are drawn to anabolic steroids too.

Three professional micro-wrestlers were performing in an event at the Boot Hill Legendary Nightclub & Sports Bar in Gillette, Wyoming on April 11, 2019 when local police decided to search their hotel rooms. The police ended up finding anabolic steroids and marijuana.

Brent Wasson, a lieutenant with the Gillete Police Department (GPD), said the Gillette Police K9 Unit performed a “free air sniff” at the Days Inn by Wyndham Gillette on Boxelder Road. The hotel manager reportedly gave police permission to perform the free air sniff on the premises.

The narcotics drug detection dogs singled out two hotel rooms that were registered to three micro-wrestling competitors. GPD officers obtained a search warrant based on the dogs indicating the presence of contraband.

Winstrol and marijuana were found in the micro-wrestlers’ hotel rooms.

GPD officers executed the search warrant at night while the Micro-Wrestling matches were actively taking place at the Boot Hill nightclub. A search of the two hotel rooms resulted in the seizure of 343.9 grams of stanozolol (Winstrol) and 1.5 grams of marijuana.

Gillette Police officers allowed the micro-wrestlers to finish their evening performances before confronting them. They arrested them immediately following the show.

The names and stage names of the competitors were not publicly disclosed. They were identified only as three men – a 50-year old, a 32-year old and a 22-year old.

The 50-year old micro-wrestler claimed that the Winstrol belonged to him. The 32-year claimed the marijuana belonged to him. And the 22-year year old admitted to smoking some pot.

The two younger micro-wrestlers were charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. The older micro-wrestler was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance (anabolic steroids) in liquid form.

The MWF describes micro-wrestling as a “full-scale, WWE type event supported by an entire cast under five feet tall”. And just like WWE, MWF has its own steroid problems.

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