ParaPharma Scores Again with Testo C250

ParaPharma Scores Again with Testo C250

ParaPharma meets label claim for fourth time with Testo C250 product.

ParaPharma has now had four products tested by AnabolicLab. And all 4 products have passed. The latest product was ParaPharma Testo C250.

ParaPharma Testo C250 listed the active ingredient as testosterone cypionate at a concentration of 250 mg/ml. The actual amount found in the product was 258.4 mg/ml according to lab test results published by AnabolicLab.

ParaPharma is on a roll with good results for several products.

ParaPharma may be the new kid on the block but it seemingly knows how to produce accurately dosed products. AnabolicLab recently decided to try out ParaPharma and all four products performed well.

The other ParaPharma products that have done well so far included Primo 100, Susta 350 and Trenbo E200. We expect AnabolicLab to continue testing this UGL in the future. If a UGL does well in initial testing, AnabolicLab generally continues to test them to ascertain that their early success was no fluke.

ParaPharma Testo C250 lab report PHOTO

“The actual testosterone cypionate in the product was 258.4 mg/ml according to lab test results.”

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