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“Steroids Ireland” Facebook Page Owner Has Not Paid His Stay-Out-of-Jail Fine

“Steroids Ireland” Facebook Page Owner Has Not Paid His Stay-Out-of-Jail Fine

Personal trainer Agris Bremsmits could go to jail after all if he doesn’t pay the fine by January 2019.

Agris Bremsmits, the personal trainer who operated the now-defunct “Steroids Ireland” Facebook page, was given a chance to avoid jail last year when he pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to steroid trafficking. All Bremsmits had to due was pay a “stay out of jail fine” of €5,000.

Most convicted steroid dealers would jump at the chance to keep their freedom and avoid incarceration. But Bremsmits is not like most convicted steroid dealers. The 34-year old personal trainer is apparently in no hurry to pay the fine.

Bremsmits was given 12 months to pay the fine during an October 23, 2017 ruling. But Bremsmits did not pay up. He was consequently summoned to explain his failure to pay at a hearing before the Dublin District Court on November 15, 2018.

Bremsmits sat silently while his defense attorney Matthew Holmes begged Judge John Brennan for more time to pay. Irish judges must be some big softies because Judge Brennan had no problem extending the payment deadline – at least until the next court hearing in January 2019.

Bremsmits maintains employement as a personal trainer

We are not sure why Bremsmits has not paid the reasonable fine. A steroid trafficking conviction could conceivably harm an individual’s future job prospects. But the Latvian-born personal trainer seems to have done well over the past year in spite of his conviction.

Bremsmits is a member of the Conquer Sports Supplement personal training team. As a “Conquer Nutrition & Personal Trainer”, Bremsmits consults clients at local gyms like Verve Gyms Swords. He has also been listed as a part-time personal trainer for Fit4Less Finglass.

This may be somewhat surprising since Bremsmits ordered large quantities of anabolic steroids from Bulgaria and had them shipped to his previous employer.

Customs officer seized the shipments which contained 287 vials of injectable steroids and 3,351 tablets of various pharmaceuticals which were address to the gym where Bremsmits worked in 2017. Bremsmit also used the gym address to route customer payments.

Bremsmits probably hoped the use of the gym address would provide a layer of protection from getting busted by the police. It didn’t.

Bremsits was caught after the mother of one of his 18-year old customers filed a complaint concerning his “Steroids Ireland” Facebook page with the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA). It didn’t take long for HPRA investigators to finger Bremsmits as the operator of the page.

Bremsmits pleaded guilty to nine counts of supplying medicines without a prescription or marketing authorisation and for advertising and supplying anabolic steroid containing medicines.

Agris Bremsmits is a personal trainer who operated the now-defunct “Steroids Ireland” Facebook page

Agris Bremsmits is a personal trainer who operated the now-defunct “Steroids Ireland” Facebook page

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