Phenom Pharmacy Distributor Busted in the United Kingdom

Phenom Pharmacy Distributor Busted in the United Kingdom

Phenom Pharmacy manufactured anabolic steroids and related bodybuilding drugs distributed on the Internet black market

A UK-based distributor of Phenom Pharmacy products was busted today. Phenom Pharma is an underground laboratory (UGL) that manufactures anabolic steroids. Police seized “a significant amount” of Phenom Pharma products in multiples raids across Hull and East Yorkshire, England.

The Humberside Police obtained search warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act for five different properties. The search warrants were executed at three properties in Hull, one in Beverley and one in Keyington.

Humberside Police officers seized large stashes of Phenom Pharma products during each of the raids along with more than £30,000 in cash currency.

The Humberside Police distributed photographs of some of the steroids products seized during the raids. Most of the products displayed in the pictures were Phenom Pharma products such as Phenom Oxa 10, Phenom Metha 10 and VIP by Phenom Pharmacy Clenbuterol.

Two men were arrested in connection with the Phenom Pharma UK-based source

Two men were arrested in connection with the steroid manufacturing and trafficking operation. They have been charged with possession with intent to supply a controlled drug (anabolic steroids).

The Phenom Pharma website stated that the company was founded in 2005. Its owners claimed to have a “long history supplying successful athletes (top bodybuilding and strongman conteders) all over Europa with genuine quality products, from pharmaceuticals companies such as the likes of Schering, Organon and others”.

Phenom Pharma products have been available for purchase at a number of resellers on the Internet in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Phenom Pharma products have not always tested well. For example, VIP by Phenom Pharmacy Clenbuterol contained zero milligrams of clenbuterol according to a chemical analysis published by on August 14, 2015.

However, Phenom Pharmacy claimed to have improved the quality of their product line via a cooperation with a GMP certified pharmaceutical contract manufacturer starting in May 2017.



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