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Reso24 Gym Scunthorpe Closed During Anti-Drug Raid

Reso24 Gym Scunthorpe Closed During Anti-Drug Raid

The 2016 steroid-related conviction of one of the gym owners was revisited as a result of the police raid.

The Reso24 Gym & Fitness center was raided by Humberside Police on October 10, 2019. The gym was shut down temporarily as part of the anti-drug dealing operation. Three men were arrested in connection with the raid.

An unspecified amount of drugs was seized. But police did not reveal whether the drugs included anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs or recreational narcotic drugs.

“Three men have been arrested on suspicion of drugs offences following an operation in Scunthorpe,” according to a statement by the Humberside Police. “One of the men was arrested at a business premises on Scotter Road on Thursday, October 10. An amount of drugs has been seized in the town.”

The police raid cast suspicion upon one of the Reso24 gym owners with a criminal history.

The police raid brought unwanted attention to one of the owners of Reso24 Gym. Benjamin Conway was one of three individuals who founded Reso24. He also operates the company Fuel4Fitness from the gym.

Conway is a convicted drug dealer who was once caught smuggling a kilogram of cannabis from Pakistan into Birmingham International Airport in February 2013. Steroids and cocaine were also found at his home. Conway ultimately pleaded guilty to nine counts of importation of drugs and possession with intent to supply drugs. He was sentenced to 3-1/2 years imprisonment in 2016.

However, Reso24 has strongly denied any connection whatsoever to the current drug raid by the Humberside Police. The gym recently celebrated its fourth anniversary of operations.

The police have not revealed any information to suggest that Conway was involved. Unfortunately, a criminal conviction will often raise unfair suspicions in such cases.

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