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Ryback Thinks New WWE Champion Jinder Mahal Should Admit He is Using Steroids Too

Ryback Thinks New WWE Champion Jinder Mahal Should Admit He is Using Steroids Too

Ryan Reeves, the former WWE professional wrestler formerly known as “Ryback”, admitted using anabolic steroids early in his career and apparently thinks other steroid-using pro wrestlers should come clean. At least when it comes to new WWE champion Jinder Mahal, Ryback wants everyone to know that Mahal’s physique is obviously the product of anabolic steroids

Ryback thinks it’s “obvious” that Jinder Mahal is on steroids based on some of the telltale side effects he has observed. Specifically, Ryback was perturbed by Mahal’s “tits”. Several pictures of Mahal circulating on the Internet reveal what appears to be a mild to moderate case of gynecomastia. As Ryback so graphically pointed out, Mahal is growing “tits” or developing gynecomastia or gyno due to his failure to properly manage the side effects associated with the use of aromatizable steroids.

“Speaking of tits, who I noticed had tits this week on RAW, Jinder Mahal. I noticed… they did a close up of his fucking chest and I just noticed it right away,” Ryback said on a recent episode of his podcast “Conversation with The Big Guy”. “I’ve never had that or anything because I don’t… like, there’s no reason to. When you get gyno, red flags right off the fucking bat.

“Jesus Christ, that shit don’t happen on its own. And I like Jinder and whatnot and he looks great, but I am pointing out the obvious, that that doesn’t just fucking happen from fucking drinking your protein shake.”

Of course, Ryback is far from the first person to accuse Mahal of using steroids. Practically ever physique photo that he uploads on Instagram is met with numerous steroid accusations by his Instagram followers.

And Mahal has not been able to remain silent. Mahal has responded back to fans with a strong denial. Mahal points to passing all of the drug tests administered under the WWE Athlete Wellness Program as proof that he doesn’t use steroids. And even if Mahal is using steroids, he makes it clear that steroids aren’t the reason his body is looking better and better every day. Mahal insisted that he out-trains and out-diets all of his competitors. That is the true secrets of his successful physique transformation.

“Of course I’ll get a hundred “steroid” or “wellness” comments …. I’ve been tested multiple times since coming back, and have never once in over 6 years with WWE had any issues. Follow my IG stories or my SnapChat and you can see that no one is out-training me, and no one is out-dieting me.”

But Ryback thinks his experience as an admitted steroid user makes him uniquely qualified to call out other athletes on steroids. In October 2016, Ryback went public with his own steroid admission. Ryback did include the questionable claim that he only used illegal steroids prior to his employment as a WWE entertainer. Once he was signed by WWE, Ryback switched over to use legal steroids in the form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Ryback also seemed to indicate that Mahal abused steroids whereas Ryback used them more responsibly back in the day. Ryback claimed that he never ever experienced gyno nor developed “tits” from the use of steroids – presumably because he used them responsibly.

Ryback is on to something. The development of gynecomastia is one of the most easily avoidable and preventable steroid side effects. A steroid-user can easily avoid gyno by using a selective estrogen receptor modulate (SERM) such as Nolvadex (tamoxifen) or Clomid (clomiphene citrate). In addition, many steroid users effectively manage excessive estradiol levels due to the use of aromatase inhibitors. But it should be noted that SERMs are the only drugs that can completely block the receptors that contribute to gyno development.

If a steroid user didn’t avoid gyno with proper steroid side effect management, then only one option remains to eliminate a full-scale case of gynecomastia and that is the surgical removal of the unsightly tissue.

The fact of the matter is that Mahal clearly has gyno based on the many pictures of him in the public domain. People who notice the gyno will suspect one thing – steroids. If Mahal doesn’t find a cosmetic surgeon to correct the problem, the gyno development will continue to be used against him as a reminder of his steroids use.

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