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Serivek Pharma Owners Sentenced for Selling Steroids and GHB

Serivek Pharma Owners Sentenced for Selling Steroids and GHB

Canadian couple set up clandestine underground laboratory to manufacture anabolic steroids and GHB.

Christopher Hyland and Breanna Blake have been sentenced in British Columbia Supreme Court for their roles in the operation of the underground laboratory Serivek Pharmaceuticals. Hyland was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment while Blake was given an 18-month conditional sentence.

Hyland pleaded guilty to three counts of producing anabolic steroids and three counts of possession of anabolic steroids for the purpose of trafficking, unlawfully producing GHB, unlawful possession of GHB for the purpose of trafficking, and unlawfully transporting GBL, a substance used to manufacture GHB.

“Your conduct was outrageous and it was dangerous,” according to sentencing BC Supreme Court Justice Geoff Gaul. “You were chefs cooking up a serious cocktail of dangerous substances in a relatively sophisticated laboratory operation.”

“You then marketed these substances under a fictitious name using professional looking labels for profit. … Some, if not most, of those who purchased these substances from you had no idea whatsoever that Serivek Pharmaceuticals was a clandestine laboratory operation being run by two young adults.”

The downfall of Serivek Pharmaceuticals followed a predictable pattern.

Like all UGLs that regularly import large quantities of raw powders from China and Hong Kong, Serivek Pharma had a few packages seized by customs officials. This laid the groundwork for a criminal investigation.

The Sidney-North Saanich RCMP launched an investigation in December 2015. The investigation was initiated after the Canadian Border Service agents intercepted packages containing various unprocessed chemical powders including various anabolic steroids.

The packages were addressed to “C. Hyland” at an outbuilding in North Saanich rented by Blake. RCMP agents obtained a general search warrant to secretly enter the outbuilding on March 10, 2016. Agents discovered a clandestine underground laboratory containing two commercial pill presses and an industrial powder mixer.

Agents also found pill bottles along with labels printed with the name “Serivek Pharmaceuticals”. Liquid and powder samples obtained from the outbuilding were analyzed by Health Canada. The lab test results identified three different types of anabolic steroids, Cialis, Viagra, and Tamoxifen.

RCMP agents secretly entered the drug lab a second time on May 26, 2016. They obtained additional samples of drugs found at the scene. They turned out to be GBL, letrozole and another anabolic steroid.

When RCMP agents attempted a third visit to the North Sannich outbuilding on June 28, 2016, the drug lab had been dismantled.

Saanich Police arrested Hyland and Blake on the following day. The couple was seen leaving a residence in Shawnigan Lake in a car with two 25-liter jerrycans filled with GHB.

Police discovered that the drug lab had been reassembled in the Shawnigan Lake home. Several vials of injectable steroids bearing the Serrivek Pharma label were found inside the home along with 3-kilograms of Viagra powder and 75 liters of GBL.

Police estimated that the street value of the anabolic steroids and related pharmaceuticals was $45,248. The estimated street value of the GBL (once converted to GHB) was placed in excess of $600,000.

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