SP Labs Continues Its Streak of Good Lab Test Results with Equipoise

SP Labs Continues Its Streak of Good Lab Test Results with Equipoise

SP Labs products have been tested seven times by AnabolicLab steroid analytics.

SP Labs Equipoise was selected by AnabolicLab for the second time. It was first tested in October 2016.

SP Labs Equipoise promised to give consumers 200 milligrams of boldenone undecylenate per milliliter in its multidose injectable vial. The SIMEC steroid analytics revealed that the actual content was 197.2 mg/ml. This was less than 2% from the label claim.

SP Labs has yet to make a mistake in AnabolicLab testing.

SP Labs is one of only a few brands to have a perfect record on AnabolicLab. AnabolicLab keeps testing its products. And the lab test results continue to be positive.

SP Labs Equipoise was its seventh product tested by AnabolicLab. The lab test results for the first six products were excellent.

So far, AnabolicLab has analyzed SP Trenbolone Forte 200, SP Oxymetabol, SP Nandrolone-D, SP Stanozol, SP Enanthate and SP Equipoise.

SP Labs Equipoise lab report PHOTO

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