SP Labs Delivers Accurate Dosing with SP Propionate

SP Labs Delivers Accurate Dosing with SP Propionate

SP Laboratories produces a testosterone propionate product that is less than one percent away from perfect.

SP Laboratories excelled on AnabolicLab with its first seven products to undergo laboratory analysis. There was a small irregularity with its eighth product tested. But SP Labs hopes the latest testosterone propionate results will show the previous lab test results were an aberration.

SP Laboratories SP Propionate supposedly contains 100 milligrams of testosterone propionate per milliliter according to the manufacturer’s website and the product label. SIMEC AG performed HPLC-UV analysis to verify that claim.

The lab test results revealed that SP Labs SP Propionate actually contained 100.6 mg/ml of testosterone propionate. The SP Propionate product exceeded even pharmaceutical product standards for quantitative dosing accuracy.

SP Laboratories has done especially well on AnabolicLab with the exception of a minor problem with Supertest 450.

SP Labs had been perfect on AnabolicLab until the lab testing company submitted a sample of Supertest 450 for steroid analytics.

Supertest 450 was advertised as containing five different testosterone esters. In reality, the product only contain four different testosterone esters. Thirty-two milligram of testosterone acetate ester per milliliter was missing.

SP Laboratories did the right thing and acknowledged the mistake. The mistake was considered minor especially since extra testosterone propionate was added to compensate.

But AnabolicLab called out SP Laboratories for the discrepancy. After all, consumers should expect accuracy in labeling.

The excellent results for SP Propionate will go a long way towards re-establishing the brand’s credibility.

SP Labs SP Propionate lab test results PHOTO

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