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Steroid Dealer Philip Archibald Encouraged Vigilante Activity and Guerilla Warfare

Philip Archibald allegedly advocated violence against law enforcement officers, threatened to hunt liberal protesters and kill looters.

Philip Archibald, a Texas bodybuilder who dropped out of Texas A&M to pursue a career as a personal trainer, has been arrested and charged with conspiracy to sell anabolic steroids. Archibald has been detained pending trial in part due to his ties to the anti-government group “Boogaloo Bois”.

Archibald’s involvement in steroid trafficking came to the attention of law enforcement officers in March 2019. Federal investigators discovered Archibald’s fingerprints on a ziplock bag containing steorids purchased from Danielle Bocanegra. The feds paid Bocanegra $900 for 10 vials of injectable steroids in an undercover purchase from Danielle Bocanegra in the parking lot of the J&J Market in Briggs, Texas.

The Feds started investigating Philip Archibald’s steroid-related activities as he gained national attention for his efforts to “Reopen Texas”.

By May 2019, the feds identified Archibald as the supplier of steroids for Boacnegra. Archibald was identified as the shipper from a surveillance camera located inside a USPS self-service kiosk at the College Station post office.

Archibald reportedly shipped several additional packages of steroids to Bocanegra (and other individuals around the country) over the next few weeks.

Archibald did not manufacture his own steroids. He ordered them from other domestic steroid suppliers around the country. These suppliers included domestic steroid sources shipping out of Wichita (Kansas), East Meadow (New York), and San Diego (California). While at least one of these suppliers has been busted (Wichita), all of them are on law enforcement’s radar.

Archibald did not do himself any favors by attracting national coverage with his political activities. The bodybuilder was never an activist or particularly political until a few months ago. Everything changed for Archibald when the Texas governor ordered the closing of all non-essential business, such as gyms and health clubs, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Archibald organized the Freedom Initiative Texas (FIT) to help small businesses reopen during the Covid-19 pandemic in direct defiance of government orders. Archibald and FIT were considered heroes by like-minded individuals who thought Covid-19 was an elaborate government hoax.

Archibald’s association with the extremist far-right, anti-government Boogaloo Bois culture probably concerned law enforcement officers the most. Archibald followed multiple Boogaloo accounts on Instagram. He also posed with Boogaloo members during protests who displayed signs such as “Boogaloo for Floyd” and “ACAB [All Cops are Bastards]”.

Archibald even promoted the #boogboichallenge on the Facebook page for his personal training business “The Physique Builder”.

Archibald appeared to promote vigilante violence on Facebook as well. Archibald posted that he was “hunting Antifa” and warned that “if you are looting/trying to hurt people tonight we will kill you.”

Federal prosecutors obtained a detention order to keep Archibald in jail pending trial based on evidence that Archibald used social media to “encourage vigilante activity and guerilla warfare in response to recent protests” and that he “threatened violence against law enforcement officers”.

Archibald denied supporting the Boogaloo movement that seeks to incite a second Civil War to overthrow the government. But he was open to the idea if things got really bad. For example, a second Covid-19 lockdown might be enough for him.

“I don’t support the boogaloo,” Archibald told Texas Monthly in a May 2020 interview. “But I understand the need for that kind of uprising if things really really go to shit. … I’m talking like martial law—like if we have a second lockdown, that might be an appropriate time for it.”

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