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Curious Case of Tyson Fury and Nandrolone Boar Meat

Curious Case of Tyson Fury and Nandrolone Boar Meat

The pig farmer said he was paid to lie in support of Tyson Fury has stopped cooperating with investigators.

Tyson Fury, a two-time heavyweight world champion boxer, was given a two-year backdated suspension in 2017. The suspension was based on the detection of nandrolone metabolites following his 2015 fight with Wladimir Klitschko.

Fury claimed that he never knowingly used Deca Durabolin (nandrolone decanoate) or any other prohibited anabolic steroid. And he had an explanation for how the nandrolone ended up in his body.

Fury blamed his nandrolone positive on his regular consumption of wild, uncastrated boar. Boar reportedly has high levels of naturally-occurring nandrolone in its muscle tissue and organs. Fury even identified the Lancashire pig farmer who purportedly sold him the wild boar meat.

Pig farmer Martin Carefoot told investigators he lied about selling boar meat after being bribed.

Many athletes have either been exonerated or have seen their suspensions dramatically reduced after proving that their doping cases resulted from the consumption of contaminated meat. Fury was obviously hoping for leniency with his wild boar meat story.

In March 2020, Martin Carefoot, the pig farmer who allegedly sourced Fury’s boar meat, claimed that he never supplied boar meat to Fury or anyone else. He claimed to have lied about it after being promised a bribe of £25,000 to support Fury’s story.

At the time, Carefoot said that Fury never paid him the promised £25,000. Carefoot said he felt “cheated and used” and that the “public needs to know” about Fury’s deceit.

Carefoot’s allegations prompted the UK Anti-Doping to reopen its investigation into Fury. The Lancashire Police also opened a criminal investigation.

However, in an interesting twist to the curious case, Carefoot has now withdrawn his claims of bribery according to a July 2020 story published by the The Daily Mail (UK). The pig farmer is apparently no longer cooperating with UKAD.

The status of the UKAD and police investigations are unknown.

The reason for Carefoot’s change of heart is also unknown.

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