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Tim Lambesis Creatively Captures the Obsessive Anxieties of a Steroid User Afraid of Getting Gyno

Tim Lambesis Creatively Captures the Obsessive Anxieties of a Steroid User Afraid of Getting Gyno

Tim Lambesis isn’t your typical steroid user. The steroid-fueled transformation of his physique from a thin 170 pounds to a buff 220 pounds was witnessed by thousands of fans as the high-profile frontman went on tour with his metalcore band “As I Lay Dying”. And then, there’s the fact that Lambesis is currently serving a six-year prison sentenced after he was convicted of solicitation to commit murder in a foiled murder-for-hire plot to kill his estranged wife.

Tim Lambesis gained 50 lbs on steroids going from 170 lbs to 220 lbs

Tim Lambesis gained 50 lbs on steroids going from 170 lbs to 220 lbs

His stupid murder plot notwithstanding, Lambesis shares some of the same concerns and anxieties that face many bodybuilders who use steroids. One of the biggest fears experienced by first-time steroid users is the side effect known as gynecomastia or, as it’s more commonly called, “gyno”, “bitch tits” or “man boobs”.

Lambesis has captured these anxieties in a colorful description of his “gynecomastic constitution” submitted in a complaint as part of his medical negligence lawsuit against two detention facilities in San Diego County. Lambesis got gyno and wants to sue the medical professionals and entities he considers responsible for unnecessarily allowing him to suffer the consequences of aromatization.

Lambesis is unable to use his creative writing talents as a songwriter and singer locked up in prison for the next six years. However, he has found an outlet for his creative expression in the form of court documents submitted to United States District Judge Michael Anello in the Southern District of California.

Lambesis repeatedly referred to his gyno in highly descriptive terms e.g. “palpable formings of… breast enlargement”, “gynecomastic maturation”, “fully formed male mammaries”, “fully formed breasts with hardened hurtful nipples”, “adverse adornment of fully formed breasts“, “permanent gynecomastic constitution”, “protuberances that are my male breasts” and “unsightly breasts”.

“[M]y very fears evinced themselves upon my physique in the first palpable formings of, painfully sensitive, breast enlargement. Panic stricken — at these initial signs of gynecomastia, I began to physically shake uncontrollably; shivering with battling anxiety and depression. Such chronic anxiety caused me to compulsively rub and scratch myself excessively and upon unusual places of my person.

“I noticed my breasts ceased enlargening; having attained gynecomastic maturation, that is, fully formed male mammaries, respectively. The terror I felt at this moment of confirmed maturation has left me traumatized indefinitely. Without further recourse, knowing the situation hopeless; I could not help but test the painful sensitivity of my fully formed breasts with hardened hurtful nipples, I examined my body compulsively, frantically…

“I now suffer the adverse adornment of fully formed breasts, respectively, upon my physique — that is, a permanent gynecomastic consitution. To date, the pain and ultra-sensitivity associated with my, now, male mammaries remains. Worst of, all is the anxiety and depression I experience just knowing, feeling, seeing, the protuberances that are my male breasts

“[T]he adverse affects, monetary losses, that my unsightly breasts have had upon my illustrious, tremendously marketable and exceedingly profitable, image of commanding physicality. Even my songwriting has been adversely affected as my guitar brushes against my sensitive breasts thus disrupting my very concentration ceasing valuable production.”

No bodybuilder wants to have an otherwise impressive and muscular physique marred by a pair of “man boobs”. Fortunately, the risk of developing gyno is usually preventable with proper estrogen management and almost always treatable with prompt and proper administration of selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) like tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex).

Arimidex to manage estrogen

Arimidex to manage estrogen

Lambesis already admitted using high dosages of anabolic steroids on a long-term basis. This was already obvious from his 50 pound muscle gain. And also from the fact that San Diego Sheriff’s deputies discovered 30 to 40 vials of various injectable steroids along with drugs specifically used to manage estrogen related side-effects, namely Nolvadex and Arimidex.

So Lambesis already knew how to manage and control estrogen to prevent gyno. But Lambesis’ steroid self-administration came to an abrupt end when he was arrested. And any chance Lambesis had of self-medicating to keep estrogen in check ended up locked away in the evidence room. Lambesis was no longer in control while in jail.

Lambesis ultimately received a prescription for Arimidex but it was too late. Lambesis developed gyno that will require surgery to remove the enlarged breast tissue. It is for this reason that Lambesis has sued Vista Detention Facility (VDF) and the George Bailey Detention Facility (GBDF) for medical negligence. But more importantly, Lambesis is asking for money to pay for his surgery.

Lambesis wanted $500,000 in compensatory damages due to the denial of valid prescriptions and gross medical negligence. He also wanted $35 million in punitive damages.

Judge Anello threw out the case for punitive damages. But the case for compensatory damages due to medical negligence – and Lambesis’ hope for gynecomastic relief – to proceed to trial on August 8, 2017.

Tim Lambesis gets gyno after being forced to come off steroids in prison

Tim Lambesis gets gyno after being forced to come off steroids in prison

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