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Titans Health & Fitness Sold Steroids to Gym Members

Titans Health & Fitness Sold Steroids to Gym Members

Gym owner Chris Jones partnered with another man to provide anabolic steroids to customers of his bodybuilding gym in Rayleigh.

Chris Jones, an accomplished competitive bodybuilder and the owner of Titans Health and Fitness in Rayleigh, provided members with a full-service treatment that included anabolic steroids. Jones admitted supplying steroids to Titans Gym members for a period of over two years from May 2016 to November 2018.

Jones worked with personal trainer Gary Hope to provide customers with the steroids they sought to enhance their physical appearance. Both men pleaded guilty to 13 counts related to supplying Class C controlled substances in Basildon Crown Court on February 10, 2020.

Gym owner and bodybuilder Chris Jones helped supply members with steroids but reportedly did not make a profit.

Mike Warren, the attorney representing Jones, argued that his client did not make a profit from his involvement in illegally supplying steroids. Warren suggested that he was only doing it as a service to the gym members with all the money going to the sellers. The steroid sellers presumably included member Gary Hope.

However, police found significant quantities of anabolic steroids at the defendants’ residences. In particular, police found quantities of steroids stocked in a storage unit leased by Jones.

Judge Samantha Leigh dismissed Warren’s plea for leniency based on Jones’ failure to profit from the illegal endeavor. Judge Leigh noted that the crime was made possible by both Jones’ and Hope’s participation. Jones decision to allow and promote steroid sales in his gym made him equally culpable.

“This was an operation between the two of you,” Judge Leigh told the court. “Without one, you couldn’t do it.”

Fortunately for both men, Judge Leigh spared them jail time. She suspended their prison sentences and ordered them to perform 200 hours of community service along with a strict overnight curfew for 24 months.

“Taking everything into consideration, the sentence will be 14 months in custody suspended for 24 months on each count to run concurrently,” Judge Leigh ordered. “You will carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.”

Chris Jones competed internationally as a top-ranked amateur. After winning the 80-kilogram class at the 2011 UKBFF British Finals, he was invited to compete at the 2012 Arnold Classic amateur bodybuilding competition in Ohio. Jones finished third out of 21 competitors. Jones also placed third in the 90-kilogram class at the 2015 IFBB Olympia Amateur United Kingdom.

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