October 31, 2018

Topless Waitress Smuggles Steroids into Australian Prison for Gang Members

Topless Waitress Smuggles Steroids into Australian Prison for Gang Members

Topless waitress Amber Williams smuggled steroids into jail for Brothers For Life gang members

Amber Williams, a former topless waitress who became friends with a local gang leader named Farhad Qaumi, admitted smuggling anabolic steroids into jail for Qaumi and several of his fellow gang members.

Prison officials identified Williams during an investigation into steroid trafficking at the Goulburn High Risk Management Correctional Centre (Goulburn Supermax). The investigation was launched after officials found steroids hidden in Qaumi’s underwear during a random strip search in August 2017.

Williams pleaded guilty to the importation of contraband into the Goulburn Supermax. However, Williams insisted she only did it out of fear for her life.

Charles Waterstreet, the defense barrister representing Williams, said that his client was merely acting upon orders given by the former Brothers for Life Blacktown chapter leader. Williams purchased steroids from an unnamed Internet website and smuggled them into the Goulburn Supermax. She also smuggled steroids for his brothers, Jamil and Mumtaz, as well as depositing money in their jail accounts.

Waterstreet asked Williams why she felt compelled to carry out Qaumi’s instructions.

“Because I didn’t know what else to do,” Williams responded. “He knows people in the RTA (former Roads and Traffic Authority) that can get an address and he would find me. He used to say he owns me and there is not getting out.”

Amber Williams feared gangland boss and convicted murderer

Williams probably had good reason to fear Qaumi.

Qaumi is considered one of the most ruthless and violent inmates currently housed in Australia’s Supermax facilities. He is currently serving a 60-year prison sentence after being convicted of 15 offenses including the murder of Joe Antoun as part of a contract killing and Mahmoud Hamzy. Qaumi was also convicted for his role in the accidental shooting of a 13-year old girl that left her with life-altering injuries.

The charges arose during a violent gangland war over a three-month period in 2013. The dispute involved two rival chapters of the Brothers for Life gang – the Blacktown chapter and the Bankstown chapter.

Qaumi stayed in touch with Williams after he was arrested and incarcerated. Williams regularly received phone calls and letters from him. She was ordered to visit Qaumi’s brothers and an associated named Mohammed Kalal who were also incarcerated in Supermax facilities.

Williams inexplicably converted to Islam and married Kalal. She claimed that she did so only to escape the grasp of Qaumi. She felt that her marriage to Kalal would “Islamically” force the Qaumi brothers to leave her alone. It did not.

Williams is scheduled to appear in Downing Centre District Court for a sentencing hearing in December 2018.

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