Valkyrie Pharmaceutical Disappoints with Susta 300

Valkyrie Pharmaceutical Disappoints with Susta 300

Valkyrie Pharma has been one of the best performers on AnabolicLab but it appears to have slipped lately.

Valkyrie Pharmaceutical was selected for analytical testing by AnabolicLab for the 14th time. The most recent lab test results examined Valkyrie Pharma’s Susta 300.

Valkyrie Pharmaceutical Susta 300 is a testosterone mixture the reportedly contains testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate and testosterone decanoate. The esters are blended in a ratio of 36, 72, 72 and 120 milligrams per milliliter, respectively.

AnabolicLab submitted an unopened sample of Susta 300 to SIMEC for steroid analytics. SIMEC found that the injectable solution actually contained 27.5 mg testosterone propionate, 47.2 mg testosterone phenylpropionate, 57.9 mg testosterone isocaproate and 81.0 mg testosterone decanoate per milliliter.

Valkyrie Pharma Susta 300 performed surprisingly poorly in lab tests.

Each testosterone ester in Valkyrie Pharma’s Susta 300 was underdosed by almost 30%. The total amount of testosterone esters added up to only 214 milligrams per milliliter. This was far short of the promised 300 mg/ml in total testosterone esters.

Valkryie Pharma has performed exceedingly well for the first couple of years on AnabolicLab. The first 12 products analyzed by AnabolicLab were well-received. However, the most recent analyses of Deca 300 and Susta 300 leave more to be desired.

Valkyrie Pharmaceutical Susta 300 lab report PHOTO

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