World Champion Swimmer Filippo Magnini Banned for Four Years Due to Guilt by Association

World Champion Swimmer Filippo Magnini Banned for Four Years Due to Guilt by Association

Filippo Magnini Worked with a Nutritionist Who Trafficked Anabolic Steroids

Filippo “Superpippo” Magnini, a retired two-time 100-meter world champion swimmer from Italy, was suspended for four years in spite of the fact that he never tested positive for anabolic steroids or any other banned performance-enhancing drug. Magnini was suspended due to guilt by association.

Magnini, and his former relay teammate Michele Santucci, were accused of the “use or attempted use of doping substances” by the Italian Anti-Doping Organization (NADO-Italia). Magnini was also accused of “abetting and administration or attempted administration of a prohibited substance”.

Nutritionist Guido Porcellini allegedly sold steroids to his clients including Filippo Magnini

The basis for Magnini and Santucci’s four year supsensions involved their association with nutritionist and doctor Guido Porcellini. Porcellini worked with several elite swimmers as clients including Magnini and Santucci.

Magnini’s former girlfriend Frederica Pellegrini was also a client of Porcellini. Pellegrini was the 2008 Beijing Olympic 200-meter freestyle gold medalist.

Porcellini was banned for 30 years by NADO-Italia on July 3, 2018. Anti-doping prosecutors presented evidence that Porcellini imported anabolic steroids and other banned doping substances from China. Porcellini allegedly sold the doping products to his clientele.

Magnini and Santucci were two of the clients who allegedly purchased steroids from Porcellini. Pellegrini does not appear to have been targeted by NADO-Italia investigators.

Magnini continues to maintain that he never used any type of performance-enhancing drugs. He pointed out that he never failed a drug test. He was also an outspoken critic doping while he was competing between 2003 and 2016. Magnini was even a celebrity spokesperson for Italy’s “I am Doping Free” initiative.

Magnini called the 4-year suspension ridiculous. The 36-year old 2004 Athens Olympic bronze medalist said he has no regrets about working with Porcellini because he did everything legitimately. If he had it to do all over again, Magnini would do everything the same.

Since Magnini is retired from competitive swimming, the suspension will have little impact for him. Magnini remains a very popular celebrity athlete in Italy.

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