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Australian Figure Champion Michelle Achilles Pleads Guilty in Curious Steroid Case

Australian Figure Champion Michelle Achilles Pleads Guilty in Curious Steroid Case

Michelle Achilles denied the muscle-building drugs were hers but pleaded guilty anyway.

Michelle Achilles, a 52-year old Australian women’s masters figure and bodybuilding champion, has pleaded guilty to the possession of two dangerous drugs – the powerful injectable anabolic steroids testosterone and trenbolone – in Brisbane Supreme Court on March 20, 2019.

With her guilty plea notwithstanding, Achilles told the court that the steroid drugs were not hers. Justice James Douglas accepted Achilles assertion that she was aware of the presence of testosterone and trenbolone at her boyfriend’s home but that she was not the actual owner of the drugs.

Australian Police raided a Brisbane home owned by Achilles’ boyfriend almost two years ago.

Very large quantities of the bodybuilding hormone drugs were discovered by police during a raid of her boyfriend’s home in May 2017. Achilles lived with her boyfriend during this period.

The steroids included 420,000 milligrams of testosterone and 132,000 milligrams of trenbolone. The court accepted that the steroids were for personal use only. Yet it was no small quantity of steroids.

A typical 10-milliliter vial of injectable testosterone contains 2,000 milligrams of a testosterone ester like testosterone enanthate. A 10-millilitter vial of injectable trenbolone contains 500 milligrams of a trenbolone ester like trenbolone acetate.

This would be the equivalent of 210 vials of testosterone and 264 vials of trenbolone in finished form.

Justice James Douglas told Achilles that she should “choose her friends more carefully”. This would seem to imply that the steroids belonged to her boyfriend.

However, Achilles’ boyfriend was never charged in connection with the steroid seizure. It seems strange that Achilles was the only individual to face legal consequences.

The Australian news media has sensationalized the Achilles steroid case due to the her family connections.

Achilles’ two brothers were famous rugby players in the 1980s and 1990s. Craig Teevan and Rowan Teevan played rugby professionally for the Brisbane Broncos between 1988 and 1990. Craig Teevan also played for the South Queensland Crushers, Queensland Maroons and Gold Coast Eagles.

Of course, the two brothers have been retired from professional sports for over 25 years. The sports news media still wants to link them to a modern-day steroid case via their sister.

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