Balkan Pharma Anapolon Gives Consumers What They Want

Balkan Pharma Anapolon Gives Consumers What They Want

Balkan Pharma produces an accurately dosed Anadrol product according to lab test results.

Anapolon was selected as Balkan Pharma’s second oral steroid and its fourth overall product to be analyzed by AnabolicLab. All three of the previous Balkan Pharma products easily passed the AnabolicLab criteria. And Anapolon was no exception.

Balkan Pharma Anapolon supposedly contained 50 millligrams of oxymetholone per tablet according to the product advertisements. AnabolicLab sent samples of this product to SIMEC AG in Switzerland in order to verify these claims.

Steroid analytics confirmed that Balkan Pharma Anapolon was good to go.

SIMEC AG performed HPLC-UV analysis of the Balkan Pharma Anapolon tablets. Each tablet was found to contain 48.6 milligrams of oxymetholone. This was within 3% of the label claim.

Balkan Pharma has had four products tested by AnabolicLab. All four have passed.

It may be premature to make overall conclusions about Balkan Pharma products. But it is undeniable that the positive AnabolicLab results have made Balkan Pharma one of the top brands to watch.

We look forward to more lab testing of Balkan Pharma Products by AnabolicLab.

Balkan Pharma Anapolon lab report PHOTO

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