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Balkan Pharma Anavar Overdosed But Still Passes

Balkan Pharma gives bodybuilders 19% more oxandrolone than advertised.

The good news for Balkan Pharma is that its Anavar product passed the AnabolicLab testing process. The bad news is that it may have contained just a little too much oxandrolone for some people.

Balkan Pharma Oxandrolon packaging listed the dosage of each tablet at 10 milligrams of oxandrolone. The lab test results from SIMEC found 11.9 milligrams per tablet.

AnabolicLab sets a criteria of plus or minus 20% as a passing grade.

The pharmaceutical industry generally considers 10% dosage accuracy to be within the acceptable limits. But AnabolicLab sets a more lax criteria given that the products it purchases for analysis are obtained from the black market.

The 11.9 milligrams of oxandrolone per tablet is a good result by AnabolicLab standards. However, some customers, particularly women bodybuilders, may prefer a much more precise dosage accuracy when it comes to the Anavar products they use.

Women are concerned about the potentially virilizing effects of anabolic steroids such as horse voices and facial hair. Consequently, they want to have precise control over the amount of oxandrolone they use. A daily dose of 15 milligrams of Anavar could be virlizing for quite a few women.

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The lab test results from SIMEC found 11.9 milligrams per tablet.

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