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BBC Three Gives 15-Year Old BigNattyDaddy a Platform to Defend His Steroid Use

BBC Three is promoting a documentary about 15-year old Tyler Jackson (aka BigNattyDaddy) and his use of anabolic steroids as the “Best of Three” on its new internet-only television website. The short documentary “15 and On Steroids: Bignattydaddy” first debuted on BBC Three television channel in September 2015.

BBC Three - 15 and On Steroids: Bignattydaddy

BBC Three – 15 and On Steroids: Bignattydaddy

Sadly, the use of all types of drugs by children and teenagers represents an unavoidable reality. The use of steroids by children is condemned by practically everyone and is vocally discouraged within the bodybuilding community. So, it is somewhat disappointing to see BBC Three provide a platform for BigNattyDaddy to defend his steroid use.

BigNattyDaddy became a viral internet sensation in 2015 when he started chronicling his pursuit of bodybuilding on social media websites such as Instagram and Youtube. The most startling revelation in his bodybuilding quest was his open use of anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs.

The 15-year old BigNattyDaddy was inspired by another bodybuilding social media sensation named Bostin Loyd who goes by the username BigJuiceDaddy. BigJuiceDaddy and his protege BigNattyDaddy represent irresponsible steroid use at its worst.

Bostin Loyd the social media guru of reckless steroid use

Bostin Loyd the social media guru of reckless steroid use

Loyd promotes extreme dosages of anabolic steroids and other muscle-building drugs as a means to get big and prepare for local bodybuilding competitions. Some of his steroid stacks exceeded 13 grams of steroids per week. For example, one of his precontest cycles included a weekly total of 10,640 milligrams of injectable steroids (Sustanon, testosterone propionate, Masteron, trenbolone acetate, Primobolan Depot, Equipoise, nandrolone phenylpropionate and Winstrol Depot) and 2,380 milligrams of oral steroids (oxandrolone, Proviron, Halotestin and Winstrol). In addition, he also used thyroid medications, clenbuterol, insulin-like growth factor one (IGF-1), insulin and 10-12 IUs of generic human growth hormone every day.

Through the magic of social media, Loyd gained a significant fan base. Jackson aka BigNattyDaddy worshipped Loyd aka BigJuiceDaddy and decided to follow in his footsteps. BigNattyDaddy’s first cycle included testosterone cypionate at 500 milligrams for 6 weeks. But he quickly escalated his dosages to copy his social media hero.

Within a few months, BigNattyDaddy was already using 450 milligrams of trenbolone and 500 milligrams of testosterone every week. Jackson added insulin and clenbuterol to his protocol as well.

BigNattyDaddy joins Team 3ccs

BigNattyDaddy joins Team 3ccs

BigNattyDaddy proudly proclaimed himself to be part of “Team 3cc” on his Instagram profile. (Loyd and his followers called themselves “Team 3cc” due to Loyd’s known use of site enhancement oil that included the daily injection of 3cc’s of oil into each tricep.)

Loyd had the opportunity to discourage the teenager’s reckless use of steroids. Instead, Loyd encouraged him and even offered to “coach” him for free.

“There has been a 15 year old on Instagram that supposedly looks up to me who is super open about his steroid use on his page…hes one big ass 15 yr old i must add… i dont even know the kid but hes getting alot of hate… and im over here jelly as fuck that this kid has a legit source at 15 yrs of age LOL…” Loyd wrote on Facebook.

Bostin Loyd flattered by BigNattyDaddy's decision to follow in his footsteps

Bostin Loyd flattered by BigNattyDaddy’s decision to follow in his footsteps

Loyd’s apparent endorsement and validation of BigNattyDaddy’s steroid use must have been the highlight of the young teenager’s short life and social media popularity. That is until BBC Three producers approached Jackson seeking to immortalize him in a television documentary. Such mainstream recognition represents the crowning achievement for social media celebrities.

Loyd’s support of 15-year old Jackson was the exception rather than the rule within the bodybuilding community. Other bodybuilding personalities widely condemned BigNattyDaddy’s underage steroid self-experimentation. Of course, like a typical know-it-all child, Jackson had his life all figured out and lashed out at his detractors in a typical sophomoric manner.

“To any cock suckers, ball lickers, male rim job persuers, faggots, pussybois, etc…. I’d learn to love me… because one day, you just might ask to suck my cock…

“Yall are just doing what everyone else approves of. Yall are pussies. Scared of being different regardless of what you say. Yall keep working your 9-5 job. Keep your 21% bodyfat 220 lbs physique LOL. Keep your 315 squat at 20 years old. I’m something you’ve never seen before. Ever seen a 15 year able to cope with as much hate as I get?”

If there is a bright side to the BBC Three documentary promoting BigNattyDaddy, it seems the international exposure finally tipped off the parents of the pubescent steroid abuser. Mommy and daddy appeared to have taken away his computer and forced their little boy to stop using steroids. BigNattyDaddy’s social media accounts have all been deleted and no one has ever heard from him since.

Unfortunately, Loyd’s social media accounts remain.

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