“Dan the Bodybuilder in Thailand” and IASuperpharma Gear

“Dan the Bodybuilder in Thailand” and IASuperPharma Gear

Dan the Bodybuilder in Thailand’s recent medical emergency has strained and possibly irreparably damaged his relationship with IASuperPharma supporters Dr. Tony Huge and JD from Enhanced Arsenal.

Daniel Marquis, the social media personality known as “Dan the Bodybuilder in Thailand”, blamed a massive bacterial infection in his leg on a “shot of infected gear”. Marquis has not publicly disclosed the brand name of the injectable steroid he was using when he got the infection. However, Marquis may have been more forthcoming in private conversations.

There has been some speculation that Marquis was using IASuperpharma products based on his seemingly close friendship swith Josh “JD” Brooks of Enhanced Arsenal and Anthony “Tony Huge” Hughes of Enhanced Athlete. Both Brooks and Hughes are enthusiastic fans of IASuperpharma and it stands to reason that Marquis would use the gear that his friends are promoting.

Dan the Bodybuilder was not using IASuperpharma gear according to Dr. Tony Huge and JD from Enhanced Arsenal

Marquis spent considerable time with both Hughes and Brooks in Thailand and the Philippines. He recorded several YouTube videos of their exploits abroad. By all appearances, the three seemed to be relatively close friends.

Marquis went to Colombia presumably at the invitation of Brooks. After all, Brooks lived in Colombia. The two trained together and partied in and around the Colombian capital of Medellin in the months prior to Marquis hospitalization.

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This weekend @enhanced_arsenal rented a "la finca" or large traditional colombian vacation home in the jungle above the city of medellin. He threw a party out there and invited me up. We were up the night before this blasting reggaeton for the whole city to hear until about 3 in the morning. Always a great time with @enhanced_arsenal !

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After Marquis ended up in the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital in Medellín suffering from an advanced case of necrotizing fascitis, there were clear signs that there was a serious fracture in his relationship with Brooks.

Marquis told his social media followers that he was “in the hospital alone in Colombia” (emphasis added). There was no mention of his good friend Brooks who was also in Medellin. Marquis was silent on Brooks.

In stark contrast, Brooks could not maintain his silence when it came to Marquis. One might expect Brooks to step up and help his friend out. Marquis was in desperate need of money to pay for surgeries necessary to treat the massive infection and save his leg. Marquis set a GoFundMe page to raise $30,000 to cover his medical expenses.

Brooks did not help Marquis. Brooks showed “no sympathy for people who do things and then blame everything other than themselves”. Needless to say, Brooks probably was not one of the 718 people who donated $18,597 to help Marquis.

Brooks seemed particularly upset that Marquis “claims to have used IASuperPharma” brand steroids. Brooks insisted that Marquis never purchased products from IASuperPharma. Brooks also pointed out the IASuperPharma would have taken responsibility for Marquis’ medical problems if he would have provided evidence that its product caused his infection.

Brooks also implied that Marquis was trying to extort IASuperPharma. Brooks even questioned whether a steroid injection was responsible for the infection to begin with.

JD Brooks responds to Dan the Bodybuilder in Thailand regarding IASuperPharma

JD Brooks responds to Dan the Bodybuilder in Thailand regarding IASuperPharma in since-deleted Instagram post.

And that’s not all. Brooks didn’t stop there. Brooks criticized Marquis for a variety of other reasons, all in an apparent attempt to discredit his former friend. Brooks said Marquis was guilty of the following shortcomings:

  • “Lack of accepting responsibility and proof he refused to go to the doctor”;
  • “Inability to control his emotions and make logical grown up, mature, adult decisions”;
  • “No insurance or security plan”;
  • “Refusal from help of a friend”;
  • “Failed proper care of a wound potentially life threading (sic) because of fear of going to the doctor and inability to pair doctor bills while claiming to be some super successful online entrepreneur, etc.”;
  • “He claims to have used IASuperPharma but never purchased from the company and openly stated he never would”;
  • “Claims it was from injections but when asked for proof by doctor or anything logically linking it he has nothing”;
  • “A direct statement from Superpharma saying that if evidence was or ever could be proven that they would willing handle any issues as they do all their responsibilities”;
  • “Daniel states he was in a bottle neck with no other way to pay. Why wouldn’t he try to export a company”;
  • “Went to the internet making false claims the same claims that ruin the image of a whole industry and place fear in others that is an issue easily prevented by anyone with a would by cleaning it, getting antibiotics sooner than later, and responsible adults with health insurance.”

Hughes, aka Dr Tony Huge, has also come to the defense of IASuperPharma. Hughes produced a video statement for IASuperPharma refuting accusations that Marquis used IASuperPharma products.

In a strangely worded statement, Hughes said he talked to Marquis. But apparently he never directly asked him which product may have been responsible for the infection. And Hughes concluded that it wasn’t IASuperPharma because Marquis never mentioned it. However, Hughes implied that it was fake Colombian gear that was the culprit.

“Was the cause Superpharma gear? From what I know, Dan was not using Superpharma gear. I spoke with Dan. He did not mention Superpharma gear.

“What gear was Dan using? I don’t know. I didn’t see the bottle.

“What could it have been? Dan is in Colombia where most of the gear is known to be fake. I’ve been in Colombia and I’ve seen it myself. But that is an assumption.”

Hughes stated that he still believes and supports Marquis “if he’s the same person” that he knew several months ago.

The one thing that is missing from this story is a strong denial by Marquis. Marquis has obviously been reluctant to identify the gear he thinks may be responsible for his infection. More importantly, Marquis has not publicly denied IASuperPharma as the source. This obviously prompted IASuperPharma, Brooks, and Hughes to step up in strong defense of the underground laboratory.

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  1. Tony Huge

    This is Dr. Tony Huge. The article implies I have something to do with Superpharma which I do not. I am not a “supporter” of the brand or any other UGL steroid brand. I personally use Pharmaceutical products not UGL. Please do not associate me with a UGL or Brooks. The video is not in defense or offense of anything it was merely my observation.

  2. ProudColombian

    This article doesnt mention anything about Dan being a scammer. why? Colombia hospital bills are NOT $18,000… he never posted proof of his medical bills. why doesnt this article mention it… he needs to be exposed as the fake charity peice of shit that he is.

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