Geneza Pharma Dianabol Receives the AnabolicLab Treatment

Geneza Pharma Dianabol Receives the AnabolicLab Treatment

Geneza Pharma GP Methan 10 meets expectations in latest AnabolicLab analysis.

AnabolicLab began its latest round of Dianabol testing with Geneza Pharma’s GP Methan 10. Dianabol is only the second oral steroid tested by AnabolicLab but probably the most popular oral used by bodybuilders.

Geneza Pharma GP Methan 10 pills came in a pounch. Each tablet was listed as containing 10 milligrams of methandienone, the active ingredient in Dianabol. Analytical testing by ChemTox in France revealed that each tablet actually contained 9.3 mg of methandienone.

GP Methan 10 was only 7% off of label claim and easily passed the AnabolicLab criteria .

AnabolicLab has already tested numerous Geneza Pharma products.

Most Geneza Pharma products have passed the AnabolicLab criteria. The one notable exception was Geneza Pharma GP Mast 100.

Geneza Pharma’s Masteron product was severely overdosed. Each milliliter of solution contained 168 mg/ml of drostanolone propionate. It was only supposed to contain 100 mg/ml.

Most bodybuilders probably don’t mind the extra Masteron. It’s like a free bonus. But it still doesn’t reflect positively on the brand’s quality control.

Geneza Pharma GP Methan 10 lab report PHOTO

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