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IFBB Pro Luca Pennazzato Could Have a Heart Attack if Someone Scares Him

IFBB Pro Luca Pennazzato Could Have a Heart Attack if Someone Scares Him

Enhanced Athlete’s Coach Trevor warns IFBB pro Luca Pennazzato that he is going to die if he doesn’t change things.

Luca Pennazzato, an IFBB pro bodybuilder from Italy, spent some time hanging out with the Enhanced Athlete crew in Venice Beach, California in October 2018. Pennazzato received some free medical advice from Coach Trevor of Enhanced Athlete.

Coach Trevor reviewed Pennazzato’s laboratory blood work and had some significant concerns about the IFBB pro bodybuilder’s health. Coach Trevor was primarily referring to the steroid and pharmacological practices that likely resulted in Pennazzato’s disappointing blood work.

Coach Trevor was so concerned that he feared that Pennazzato could have a heart attack or stroke if someone inadvertently scared him.

“You’re gonna have a stroke or heart attack. It could happen anytime. If someone scares you and your heart rate starts going…”

Coach Trevor highlighted several problems with the labs. First and foremost, he was concerned about the thickness of Pennazzato’s blood. Specifically, Pennazzato had elevated red blood cells (5.91 with a reference range of 4.32 – 5.72), elevated hematocrit (59.4 with a reference range of 38.8 – 53.0) and critically elevated hemoglobin (19.7 with a reference range of 13.5 – 18.0). His lipid profile (cholesterol, HDL and LDL) also had a lot to be desired.

“Your blood is turning into sludge. And then you’re 300 pounds. If you do anthing that causes rapid energy or blood to be moved fast, this sludge can literally clot like clogged and then that’s a stroke or a heart attack. And that can happen in your sleep.”

“You’re gonna die if you keep doing this!”

Coach Trevor strongly advised Pennazzato to immediately do something to improve the lab numbers. If he didn’t, Coach Trevor bluntly told him that he is “gonna die if you keeps doing this”.

“If they don’t go down, its a gamble… when is it going to happen. It’s not a matter of maybe. It’s when. Because you WILL have a heart attack or stroke. You’re gonna die if you keep doing this! That’s one hundred percent. It happens to everyone. I’ve seen this a million times.”

Coach Trevor may be exaggerating and overstating the consequences. It obviously doesn’t happen to everyone. And we seriously doubt that Coach Trevor has seen bodybuilders suffer heart attacks and strokes “a million times”.

Nonetheless, Coach Trevor’s warning should be heeded. Steroid-using bodybuilders should be more concerned with the consequences of their lifestyle choices. They should regularly go to the lab for blood work. And they should see a doctor for monitoring.

The dialogue between Coach Trevor and Pennazzato is interesting. Pennazzato discloses a few tidbits about his steroid and GH/insulin protocols. For example, Pennazzato revealed that he is on a testosterone base of 1000 milligrams per week. And his hGH involves 4.5 IU’s before breakfast and 4.5 IU’s before bedtime. He also injects 10 IU’s of insulin before his workout.

Coach Trevor summed up Pennazzato’s laboratory results quite succinctly when he stated “this is what 10 years of steroids looks like”.

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@ifbbprolucapennazzato transformation going great. And he’s taking new training clients @goldsgymvenice1 so if you are in the area message him for training. And if you like his #fitness transformation videos and style then let him know. It’s hard for an #elite level #ifbb bodybuilder to be honest and open and share their secrets and #lucapennazzato has committed himself to helping others get as massive but still healthy as possible. A few things that Luca has done to improve his health and break his plateau: donate blood to reduce blood thickness, combine the insulin with the Hgh instead of taking separate, replace some of the more harsh compounds with healthy sarms, added cardarine for cardiovascular health and repair, improve breathing, lower blood pressure. Watch as this #massmonster becomes one of the top 10 biggest year around #bodybuilder in the world. 300lbs shredded. ya I got the angle but he’s actually 80 pounds more #muscle than me! @drtonyhuge #enhancedathlete

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Pennazzatto has reportedly done several things to improve his health since talking with Coach Trevor. According to Dr. Huge from Enhanced Athlete, the Italian pro bodybuilder has donated blood, replaced some of his steroids with SARMs and started using Cardarine for cardiovascular health. Of course, some of these “healthier” products are products that Enhanced Athlete just happens to sell.

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@enhancedathlete crew at golds gym Venice.

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