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Instagram Star YaKiBoY Arrested for Steroid Possession

Instagram Star YaKiBoY Arrested for Steroid Possession

YaKiBoY says police targeted him because of his controversial Instagram posts.

Hossein “YaKiBoY” Balapour was arrested after the NSW Police’s Strike Force Raptor raided his apartment on April 26, 2019. The Iranian-born bodybuilder believes he was singled out due to the content posted on social media.

Police found 100 tablets of Anavar (oxandrolone), two vials of Primobolan (methenolone enanthate), one vial of trenbolone acetate, testosterone, human growth hormone (hGH), and Xanax when they raided his apartment. Balapour was subsequently charged with six counts of drug possession.

Balapour says it was obviously that he used steroids and that he never hid the fact. The bodybuilder is convinced police are only making a big deal out of his steroid use because of who he is.

“I never lied or denied using steroids,” Balapour wrote on Instagram. “Most people at some stage have used steroids, peptides, human growth etc to enhance their body. But because it’s ME they make a big deal about it making it sound like more than it was.”

The Instagram star’s gangster image and nude photos may have attracted the wrong type of attention.

YaKiBoY was best known as the heavily tattooed bodybuilder who liked to model clothes and post nude photographs with a strategically-placed pizza emoji for his 258,000 Instagram followers. But he also cultivated an online persona of a gangster.

Balapour maintained that his gangster persona was nothing more than an online gimmick. Balapour has described himself online as a “Mulim Shia soldier”. Balapour posted one mostly-nude picture of him wearing a balaclava accompanied by the message:

“You’re sleeping at night, you wake up and find me in your house, my balaclava hiding my face and my undies hiding my anaconda. What you going to do in this situation?”

Balapour was also friends with Pasquale Barbaro. Barbaro was a notorious Barbaro crime figure suspected of working for the Italian Calabrian mafia. He was assassinated in an apparent gangland hit in November 2016.

Balapour has since distanced himself from Barbaro. Balapour described his brief friendship with Barbaro as the “biggest mistake” of his life.

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